Very poor Xbox customer support. Outrageous

Can you let me know how you get to what you’re showing in the first screenshots please? Is it in the Xbox app or?? I’m currently trying to get a refund through emailing with someone and it’s an absolute nightmare. I didn’t find an automated section. Thank you.

I think testing it on an “emulator” isn’t relevant - so for me its equivalent of not testing at all and highlights extremely poor QA policies/procedures. I will not (its a rule for me) purchase anything for Xbox until I’ve seen reviews that confirm the product works properly with no CTDs on Xbox.
Its a situation that must be improved if Marketplace is to be a success.

They need to go out and buy a couple of Xboxes and make sure there aren’t any obvious problems, that’s all - basic, very basic QA which we shouldn’t have to be pointing out to them


Strength is in Numbers. If we all stop buying it they will change their policy. The rich don’t like missing money. It would have to be Xbox users against MS and we would have to stand strong and not buy anything for months before they pay any attention to our issues. We Xbox users fund the development for PC and that is the bottom line. I just bought the a319 and can’t even fly it as well as the DC6 I purchased almost 7 months ago on Xbox x. I stand with the people and we the people need to stand together. I will not purchase anything until these issues are corrected. But myself alone can not cause a dent in their pockets, so until then we will continue to voice our opinions on how we are being treated. We must be the change we want to see and not rely on Big Corporation to think about us.


Hey y’all! This is my first post. I have the Xbox series x. Can I suggest that we let each other know what doesn’t work for the Series S or X? I’ve only purchased a few things with no problems.

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