Xbox Airport Recommendations German / Europe

Hey everyone,

I´m looking for some recommendations of Airports in Germany / Europe that you have found working on Xbox (without regulary crashing, etc) and beeing of decent quality.

Especially some bigger Airports as most airfields are running well.

Since i bought EDDL from JustSim which is crashing all the time and no one wants to adress the issue / give an Update on a fix i dont want to waste more money on non working Airports.

So if you could share your recommendations for working and nice looking Airports it would be much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

JustSim is a known “never buy” for xbox. This list is your best guide…


Honestly? I wouldn’t spend a penny more on airports at the moment. Especially not in Germany. They are considered very vulnerable. I have a few in Germany and NONE of them work. But I can only speak for myself. Possibly others have better experiences. The compatibility list can also help!

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