XBox Full uninstall reinstall or remove one addon after another?

MSFS has almost become unplayable with CTD within seconds of loading. Whether it is a coincidence or not normally associated with my JustSim airport scenery and changing views. This was happening with the A320NEO and other DLC aircraft. So I decided to remove the JustSim scenery. The game was more stable and I was able to complete several short haul flights in the A320NEO and the Bredok3D 737 Max into other DLC scenery, UK2000 and FSDreamteam. Then a flight into LXGB Gibraltar with MSFS scenery in the A320NEO it froze. Not an Addon in sight. So do I completely remove MSFS and reinstall my Pemium Deluxe Edition or keep removing addons. I have listed all the addons I have bought to date as it could be something sitting in the background that is causing it. I have raised it on Zendesk and their advise was to go the vanilla route. I had to look that up!

MSFS Addons 1.21.13.-



Boeing 737 Max by Bredok3d

Britten Norman Islander by Blackbox Simulations

EA-7 Edgely Optica by ORBX

F-14 A/B Tomcat by DC Designs

F-15 C/D/E/I by DCDesigns

MB-339 Aermacchi by Indiafoxtecho

Spitfire LF Mk IXC by FlyingIron


EDDH Hamburg’s Airport by JustSim

EDLP Padderborn Lippstadr Airport by Aerosoft

EGCC Manchester Airport by Macco Simulations

EGGD Bristol Airport by UK2000 Scenery

EGGW Luton Airport by UK2000 Scenery

EGJJ Jersey Airport by UK2000 Scenery

EGKK London Gatwick Airport by Origami Studios

EGLC London City Airport by ORBX

EGMC London Southend Airport by Pilot Plus

EGNS Isle of Man Airport by UK2000 Scenery

EGPE Inverness Airport by UK2000 Scenery

EGPF Glasgow Airport by UK2000 Scenery

EGTK London Oxford Airport by Pilot Plus

EKCH Copenhagen Airport by FlyTampa

Enhanced Airport Graphics by Zinertek

Landmarks London City Pack by ORBX

LEBL Barcelona El-Prat Airport by LVFR

LFEQ Quiberon Airport by FSDreamteam

LFMN Nice Cote D’Azur Airport by JustSim

LFSB Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freie by FSDreamteam

LMML Malta International Airport by Justsim

LSZH Zurich Airport by FSDreamteam

UK2000 Common Library by UK2000 Scenery

Vessels Core Library by Seafront Simulations


Garmin G1000 NXI by Working Title Simulations

It’s most likely airports giving you issues. I would start with uninstalling them and seeing how it runs. I have most of the same airplanes that you do and rarely had any issues and now that I am running the new Beta it’s been even more stable for me on Xbox series X.

I only have one airport (Vancouver) installed, it seems fine. I would install each airport one at a time, test then uninstall, rinse and repeat. But it could be a combination of a couple that create issues.

Thanks, I was heading in that direction, I will remove all the addon scenery and do as you suggest. I am interested in hearing about the beta though, is this something you have to sign up for or is it available to the masses?

Thanks for the link, interesting read. I wish I had found it before starting another thread., I will copy my post into it. The frustration is there across the community, but seems to have little effect. Is the beta that people are running a prerelease of the next update, this is meant to address lots of the issues, I wonder how many more it will create!

You can get the Beta if you sign up as a Xbox insider. Look for the app on the Xbox.

Look at the Beta notes here: Welcome to the BETA - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I have just recently purchase two PilotPlus sceneries:

Wycomb Air Park


Ever since then i’m getting CTD on every approach. Even CTD on approach in Canada today with default scenery, so i’ve uninstalled the PilotPlus scenery and see what happens.

enter it right here in the list

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