Payware Airports

Some advice please.

Noticing recently most my payware airports, YPAD/YBBN/YPAD for e.g , I really struggle on ground, stuttering, glitchy, big frame drop/recovery. After takeoff I have very smooth experience, upwards of 50fps

Smaller airports no issue.

I understand that the payware airports have more detail but even when I drop to medium or low, it’s still the same experience.

Am I missing something or need to br doing something else? Only really noticed issue within last month or so.

Worst affected plane is A32NX

Specs 3700x/3070/32gb 3200mhz/MSFS on NVME storage, store edition. Net Ethernet 900mbs steady.

Settings all High. Live weather. Only add on’s are FBW/CRJ/MSFSRealistic/SPAD/Navigraph Simlink.

I’ve had trouble with Brisbane airport ever since I bought it a couple weeks ago. I can’t really land or even start from there without risking a CTD, flying by seems fine so far. I noticed these are Aussie ones you’ve picked, makes me reluctant to grab anymore for now at least.

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I have some stuttering with YPAD on xbox X, even with SU8 beta. Not bad enough to make me want to go back to the abomination that was YPAD in WU7 though.

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Going to try some UK & US payware o have tonight. Only really noticed this from Australian ones recently as that’s where I’ve been flying

For starters, test by turning off live weather and multiplayer (if you have that on) and see if the same issues occur.

Have YMHB Hobart paywareand is a really well modelled airport but must say that is is quite taxing, taxieng around…no pun intended.

On the other end I have Launceston also really nice looking, but free and there are absolutely no issues at all which is good as it is my home airport (despite living in Copenhagen).

As the OP I have become somewhat reluctant to buy more payware airports. Have been tempted by Adelaide, but based on these reports perhaps I wait and see.

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Will do these checks later on, thanks

do you already know this list?

addon compatibility list

if it is continued, it helps to save everyone money and frustration

Yes, I also have the error… when I start the simulator and the taxi is still relatively smooth, but after take-off and a few laps in the air followed by landing, it’s totally stuttering on the marketplace at airports when I do that Whole without marketplace airport do it’s not that bad

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