List of Xbox friendly airports that people have actually used?

I’m looking for a list of Xbox airports, up to date SU10 or SU 9 that are actually tried and tested with a flight plan.

I can start with a couple:

Pyrg Edinburgh
Aerosoft Vaernes
Justsim Helsinki

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I could have sworn there was an entire shared document that compiled all sorts of add-ons tested with Xbox.

That thread has to be around here somewhere.

Here it is:

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Yep but how up to date is it? Some of those airports could go back several updates.

Uk 2000 airports work fine I have all of them. Manchester airport by macco simulatons 50/50. Some that dont work

Ibiza iniscenes
Bristol airport pilot plus
Doncaster airport
Mallorca palma just sim

I seem to be able to get CTD at almost any 3rd party airport on my series x. In fact I get them at Asobo airports too (just CTD at Asobo LFMN in A320 on short final). And I get them at other times too, even on beta .21. It’s better than SU9 for sure but still a long way to go to be acceptably stable.

Performance is generally very good with SU10, much better than 9.

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Wellington, New Zealand is good. I haven’t tried the other third party NZ airports (there aren’t many).

Did Flytampa Sydney get pulled from xbox?

Im sure I bought it on xbox first but I cant see it.

Jersey and Edinburgh work well for me.

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Manchester Macco Simulations and Barcelona by LVFR work fine for me!

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Ive posted a list so far from my testing this week for xbox if anyone is interested. Post 71