Pilot Plus Bristol International Airport

To everyone that has this product on series x what are your experiences with it?

I think its very good, no performance issues, plenty of detail and accurate. Its the best version of EGGD.

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Thanks for your reply. It doesn’t work for me and I have tried everything off the fly to solve this. I have even spoken to pilot plus a few months back they were completely baffled because they said it works fine. I would say it’s my Xbox series x but that’s been back to manufacturers already and that works perfect. I’m completely annoyed as its an amazing airport to look at but crashes everytime I try to leave it.

How sure are you it’s the airport and not another add on that is causing the problem in conjunction with it.
I’d remove all add ons that may be closeby or active and try it on it’s own and if it works then add the others back in. It could be memory related when you have other add ons then have Bristol on top of them.

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Done all that mate. It’s baffling.

You could ask others on the compatibility thread. I couldn’t find it on the spreadsheet though. Which is weird.

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My experience at this point after purchasing dozens of airport addons for xbox x is that most “large” airports (regardless of the status in Addon spreadsheet referenced above which I’ve contributed to as well) are unstable with airliners and some GA craft as well. Some are instant CTD for me while others randomly CTD.

There are several threads about these problems on xbox in the forums and a bug was filed but it’s been consistent enough for me that I do not purchase “large” airports anymore for xbox regardless of reviews. (For example, at one point LFPO addon was working but now is instant CTD and I had to uninstall it). I have many smaller airports that are no problem at all.


Thanks for your help it’s much appreciated

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Thank you for your help much appreciated

Bristol isn’t a large airport though, but admittedly I haven’t checked it’s install size (I use it on PC), but it’s a way smaller airport than most. Having said that I’ve come across an even smaller one that has an install size of 7GB! (Probably not optimised). I think SU9 is meant to show file size in marketplace before buying. There’s no way I will buy a tiny airport at 7GB again! Not saying this is the issue here, but it is worth it noting as XBox has limited & shared RAM/VRAM memory.

I think there is a strong possibility this is the issue. Unfortunately we don’t have sliders to control graphic settings in xbox. On PC I’ve read a “solution” for some of the performance issues with large airports/scenery is to lower graphic settings.
I will say that turning off PG does help in some cases for me. For example, I have the Chicago landmarks scenery (infamous for performance issues on both platforms) that works for me if I turn off PG while in the area.