Longterm for XBox

I have the same sim experience and second what you said.

Indeed there is problems with the store, especially with the functionality of it. At least we have live weather to look forward to…

@tgbushman not sure if you’ve seen this thread. Seems like it should be part of this one, but here’s a key quote (see attached image in this linked post) -

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Ah never mind, I just saw your name referenced in that jpg!

I saw another thread where there was a screenshot relating to scenery that must have been taken from Drzewiecki Designs twitter which mentioned him by name. Yeah he’s very committed and certainly has proof backing his claims about testing and passing information onto the devs. The wording from the jpg looks familiar to me and looks like it might be from the same source.

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This could be a great tool for everyone. You have plenty you could add to it from what it looks like @tgbushman

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I knocked this up yesterday and added a few things to start it off. I’ll add a search function to it when it gets bigger.

There’s a space to add links to products (such as official forums or relevant discussions), and if anyone has any suggestions to add to it then feel free to add a comment to any cell and I’ll see what I can do.

Keep in mind it’s editable to anyone with a link so don’t share it outside these forums, it’s working on trust! I’ll back it up a few times a week.


I hope it doesn’t get abused or filled really trivial stuff. It might need some vetting along the way. People will screw it up with silly things I feel. “That pesky tree that shouldn’t be beside that runway” or “The texture on that hangar really breaks my immersion”, you know the kind of stuff that in some peoples mind really equates to being game breaking? I hope it gets some traction for you, I just had to bring it here, try give it some exposure and maybe some will give it a chance.


Ouch, as a PC user I had no idea beyond learning of the DC-6 problem w/ Xbox. Sounds like MS/A has some genuine soul-searching to do re how to move the project forward. If the Xbox port ultimately flops, and it sounds like it has definitely moved in that direction, one can only surmise the impact to the PC side could be anywhere from substantial to catastrophic as well. Were MSFS not to evolve fully, to be able to compete optimally for market share w/ the other veteran flight simulators, that will be beyond sad, because MSFS has come so far already, and it’s not impossibly far off from a much higher level of fidelity to flight simulation. Asobo has stated their goal for 2022 is stability, separation of SU’s from WU’s, which does hint they’re feeling their current woes enough to focus on critical issues. I think the next 3-4 months will be very telling re the future of MSFS.

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I will be vetting it and I think I’ll be changing the categories from working, non-functional, etc to a traffic light system instead.

It will be subjective at times but I have given some definitions as a guide at the top of the sheet before the list starts as to what is considered “non-functional” or has “errors”. This can be edited as we go if necessary. The comment section at the end however can be a free place to put whatever people like, as long as the add-on is fairly categorised.:+1:

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I wouldn’t go this far, yet.

Based on how many outstanding issues there are throughout the sim, both PC & Xbox, my guess is there is a mild runaway freight train issue here. I can see they are formulating a plan to lower some engineers from a helicopter to take control of the train, but they aren’t quite there yet.

In essence, my guess is this sim and all procedures surrounding it ended up being far more complex than planned for. Both teams — Asobo & Microsoft — need to potentially ramp up staffing to handle the needs of the project.


PC as a platform is in regression so don’t shoot the piano player when I say MS/A are in prime position to take advantage of this, the cloud, consoles, tablets, laptops and even projectors are the way forward for them and their Metaverse. PC is likely to become very niche and because of that very expensive and no doubt disastrous for some devs exclusive to it.

Like it or not Microsoft own the platform and they will control the market.

I understand I’m not saying it’s over at all, but it’s absolutely moved more towards that than away from that. I think Nixon is right–they underestimated the complexity of dual-platform deployment, and apparently especially as it relates to 3rd party content development.

Lol about your statements I have always have a lot of fun.

I have a cousin who is an only child and is totally convinced of himself and his statements. Has already given him a lot of problems. Feels like being smart and always has to teach people. Unfortunately, there are hardly any friends left who want to hear his talk.

Greetings to Bavaria

I wonder if some of these CTD on Xbox are caused from different add ons clashing and causing issues? That would be harder to pin point as a single cause, especially if you have many add ons.

We need to start a list of working, not working on Xbox. But of course each new add on could bring new problems.

No doubt I don’t see as many issues as some since I have fewer add ons used. My brother on his Xbox runs without issues but he uses zero add ons.

It would be nice to get to a point of trust with installing anything but if we have cross contamination this could be an ongoing mess.

Edit: just saw that someone has created an area for list of working add ons. Will add mine there.
Still if it is cross contamination causing crashes, could be harder to pinpoint

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The topic of collecting already exists.



Yes, I did see that and put an edit.

At least for Xbox you are limited to the marketplace so broken mods should be (but might not be) reported in known issues. Hopefully this can narrow things down.

Well, if I was a XBox user, I would not put any 3rd party addons in the mix for my MSFS until all the core program issues are mostly resolved. I follow the same idea as a PC user. NO ADDONS… Nothing in my Community folder… not yet.

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@tgbushman @BragRaindrop933

Well, I may be heading to the dark side myself.

I dug out a 1080P 27” Samsung display I had and hooked it up to my Razer Blade and I’ve been flying the Cloudmaster on it all day — can’t do that on Xbox (yet!).

With Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, I can’t even hear the Blade’s wailing fans. A fella could get used to this.

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