Third-Party Airport Crashes

I’m curious as to which third-party dlc airports you find the most and least reliable where CTD occur. I have every UK and Eire airport.

So far the ones that seem to crash the game the most for me are:

EGLC - London City: Every flight
EGBB - Birmingham: most flights
EGMC - London Southend: some flights
LSZH - Zurich: some flights

Most reliable:

EGNS - Isle of Man: no crashes in many flights
EGGW - London Luton: ditto
EGPF - Glasgow (the older of the two currently available): ditto

Which dlc airports have you found to be the most and least reliable?

take a look here

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Definitely check that compatibility list out to see if any of those are listed, if not, you can actually make new entries.

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Many thanks for the info.

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