Constant CTD’s on Xbox with 3rd Party Scenery & Airports

Sorry i dont have LEMD from LVFR i just fly the MS Standart at LEMD.

But all my LVFR Scenerys are good. There is no guarantee that LEMD will work too, but i think it will works….


I can confirm that the Justsim airports lead to CTD.

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So far just landed in LEMD by lvfr and all seems good. Going to test it some more to be sure. 2hour 20 minute flight. On the a320.

Same here… it’s become unplayable with almost any DLC airport purchased at Marketplace except lvfr lemd, lebl or ksan
I am having plenty of CTD with KLAS, YSSI. RJAA, EGLC, KDEN, KIAD even dubai landmarks!
Please MS / Asobo fix this it’s becoming really annoying, what a shame, how can this happen in a console with all hw and OS controlled…Either fix it or retire all the non-working products and refund your customers… i am so sad I can’t enjoy MSFS and these great add-ons these days!


I started a similar link yesterday, I wish I had found this first, I have voted:

XBox Full uninstall reinstall or remove one addon after another?.

I am slowly removing scenery, I thought it was mainly the JustSim scenery but although having removed it the CTD are not as frequent, the sim is now freezing normally associated with a view change. Initially I thought it might be the Thrustmaster HOTAS One top hat switch but using the Xbox controller has also caused it.

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You can enter anything here in the list. I think if enough people join in to enter their experiences there, it will help the community (by not buying the appropriate software) and MS / Asobo to go the right way.

Can confirm with you, KLAS is an absolute mess, too

Unfortunately the number of votes received regarding Xbox issues is testament to the level of support or more likely lack of support and focus Xbox users will receive. We Xbox users will always be the poor relation compared to the more vocal PC users, a perfect example of this is a mouse will not reliably work with the sim and doesn’t even get onto the to fix list. Until more focus is given to the Xbox community I will not be investing in 3rd party content.


I would see that so negatively now. read this here. also a very interesting threat

Not sure if you have the beta (1.21.17) or not, but I have not had one mouse related issue since using the beta version. I am on XBox X and was getting daily mouse issues previously, hoping it is not coincidence and they actually did find a fix.

Hi, yes I’m on the beta, my Logitech mouse is up to date with drivers and still freezes mid flight

Thanks for this link, interesting comments, let’s hope we are given a improved voice moving forward

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Gotcha, yeah it is strange but it does seem like from one system to the next different problems can exist. Makes it tough to troubleshoot as a developer no doubt.

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If you re-map your throttle settings they will work perfectly. Delete the current setting and re-map it to Throttle 1 Axis (for single engine plane), it’s also a good idea to map Throttle 2 Axis - Throttle 3 Axis & Throttle 4 Axis (this covers all planes single engine/twin engine/ 3 engines & 4 engines). Map them all to the same setting that you will delete in step one (above). I’m using a HOTAS and they’re all bound to Joystick L-Axis 1.

I have posted a 100% reproducible CTD, and what appears to be the the source of the CTD in another thread. I posted it seapsratr because it is 100% reproducible, and didn’t want it getting buried in a response to another thread

LEMD is can fly out of. Weird thing is, at night, there are no lights. None of the building. None in the parking areas. None in the runway. It’s just pitch black. At least for me. I know this airport worked great for me before Sim Update 7.

Since SU7 the sim crashes much more frequently even without third-party add-ons. It must be something with the base game, not just DLC, although those multiply the chances of CTD. Sadly the game is not in an acceptable state right now.

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Well the DLC is definitely a completely separate issue relating to CTDs. We now know the live weather issues caused CTDs but should not be confused with these fully recreate-able issues. Which are pretty much happening because of the lack of ability to test content before release on the Xbox

As your findings reflect what is reported in the addon compatibility list and other users are in agreement with the results, I will add the ones we don’t have to the list. Hope you don’t mind! You are now in 3rd place for number of contributions.:wink:

Justsim is the most problematic developer thus far, just as you reported in your post.

I’ve been doing a lot of testing lately on both the Xbox Series X and Series S, and I’ve noticed something interesting. The CTDs I am having on my series X don’t happen on my series S. Exactly the same add ons installed on both. Anyone have any ideas as to why?

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