Constant CTD’s on Xbox with 3rd Party Scenery & Airports

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Encountering consistent CTD’s at 3rd part airports, initially believed it was limited to one Airport (Impluse Sim Adeliade, so had done considerable testing, now found I am encountering the issue at other 3rd party airports. CTD occurs sometime between leaving the gate/parking spot and the runway. Stable performance when on the gate, likewise when overflying the airports or on approach. CTD occurs when swapping to outside view, back to inside view or panning inside the flight deck or outside. Can get as far as lining up on the runway or only just off the gate, never make it to departure, or just on commencement of pushback e.t.c

Prior to SU7, I had no CTD’s and all 3rd party airports, including ones tested now, were stable.

Have tried, but not limited to (with tests in between each)

  • Removing all 3rd party content and trying one airport at a time (including removing world updates e.t.c), via ‘Saved Data’ on Xbox

  • Completely uninstalled MSFS and reinstalled

  • Turned off multiplayer, AI traffic

  • Turned off HDR

  • Adjusted TV resolution to 1080 down from 4k

  • Deleted rolling cache

  • Cleared persistent storage on Xbox

  • Turned off ground vehicles, static aircraft and people

  • Tried day, night, different weather e.t.c

Essentially renders the sim unusable for the already highly limited add-on content for Xbox.

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CTD occurs at the end of both videos.

Video 1

Video 2 (C172)

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

!00% of occasions at third party airports

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Xbox Series X

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: (Post SU7)

I don’t have 3rd party airports but I am getting a lot more crashes on my series x all the way to the Xbox Home Screen. How do you ‘save data’ as you describe? Where is this in the menu? Thanks

I have also noticed this with SU7 on Xbox Series X. Sometimes the CTD happens within seconds after loading into the airport and I click “Fly”. Particularly in airports around big cities (London, Chicago, NY, etc). I rarely had this issue with SU6 at those same exact 3rd party airports.


Certainly seems to be tied to higher detail scenery areas, the new Beta update today has not improved or fixed.
Likewise, I had no issues with SU6.


Yea I get this constantly with DLC….If anyone has LGW DLC on XBOX Marketplace try to load that up and complete a cold and dark start. You will CTD before the plane spools up. I contacted the developer Inibuilds who confirmed they are aware of users reporting this. They cannot do anything and we all must keep reporting to Microsoft to fix.


On my email chain with Microsoft, discussing the CTD issue(s), I was advised the following

“ Hi

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist further with content not developed by Asobo Studio. If the steps above did not solve the issue, please contact the developer to report this issue and request further assistance directly.

Third-party developers are responsible for their own content, including:

  • Question about the content/feature
  • Documentation
  • Issues with the content (missing feature, bug, feedback, etc…)
  • Compatibility issues between the content and the base game on PC and Xbox Series X|S*
  • Wishlist item

Given this is occurring to multiple users, with multiple 3rd party products from multiple developers, as MS has acknowledged to some developers an issue, it would be good to keep this thread alive and votes up to get acknowledgement and a fix!


That’s very interesting! It seems they are passing the buck, I will contact inibuilds with this detail to see what they say as well. Unfortunately this is still a problem in the new release in beta testing which I have downloaded via Xbox insider. Someone really needs to listen to the Xbox CTD issues as they are getting worse and someone needs to take some responsibility


I found this screen shot from another thread from one of the Devs support forum. They say it’s a MS issue… and if MS is saying it’s a Dev issue from the comment above, then this is just going to be a game of ping pong.


Yea, responsibility needs to be taken here and someone needs to own these issues otherwise they will never be resolved. I believe there to be a serious issue with the compatibility of DLC with the X Box console which is one of the main factors for CTD’s.


Hi there,

i have the same problem since the last update. Playing is not
more is possible.

Multiple threads now appearing with this or similar issue

Would be good to get a reply from MS/Asobo that this is on their radar to be fixed!


I agree we need some acknowledgment of this. I have spent a fortune on DLC and it’s made the game almost unplayable


Agree. We need to get to the votes on this tread up to highlight the seriousness of the issue.


Yes agreed…I will continue to vote. I have also raised support/bug items on the zen desk ticket system but no idea who/when this will be properly looked at. I saw some CTDs on Xbox looked like memory leak, maybe it can’t handle the high detail of some of the scenery / DLC. Either way this stuff should not be released with bugs that cause CTD. If they can’t resolve it they need to refund users for their marketplace purchases. It’s getting ridiculous. You pay for content which makes the game unplayable


Agreed same issues here. just voted. I’ve spent a ton on DLC addons as well and on my xbox series x its crashing CTDs Left and right. this needs to be fixed ASAP


Do we know at which stage it will be acknowledged on here?

Hi evrybody

The same problem for me. I just wanted to fly EDDC to KJFK with the B787 and almost got to take off. I already had clearance from the tower. Then CTD. It’s no longer fun at all. Not a single one of the Airport DLC I have purchased still works.
If I’m lucky I can start from one. Then CDT land on a DLC airport. So land on one of MS or generic. Two DLC airports in one flight leads me to the CTD 100%.

It can be so difficult to find out what they use in the DLC that the MS or generic don’t have. What do I know, a certain kind of texture, something about jetways … I have no idea because I don’t want to deal with the topic. That’s why I decided to buy an X-Box hardware software, etc. Xbox I had never had problems before until this game.

For this reason I am currently playing the new Farming Simulator. Folks … There’s DLC for free and they work. And you hardly believe it is from users who love the game. At the weekend there a nes DLC from a fan had caused a problem. But 2 hours later it was resolved in the Users in their forum. Yesterday the developer finally got rid of the problem.

That’s how think can works Microsoft!! And i only pay 50€ To Giants.

After the X-times CTD today at one of the over 30 bought DLC, I will probably keep ordering my farm in the Simulator and resist the lure of the new DLCs in the Microsoft Marktplace. Bad luck for MS and unfortunately also for the innocent developers. I would have bought LEPA, Warsaw and two more, but unfortunately you are too stupid and with the last update you have rendered your game unusable.

Not to mention the other mistakes. Mouse freezes, live weather spins 255 degrees Celsius at an altitude of 27,000 feet, etc …


Tomorrow I will harvest potatoes;)
Written in German. English wasn’t up to me. Translated by google


Yes, I see frequent CTD after this last update. It starts to get choppy and then CTD. For me its typically during my decent, lined up with the ILS runway, 1000 feet or less from the ground. It didn’t do this before. I would have to agree, that this sim has become unplayable for now. This the ONLY game that has crashed my Xbox so far. Im on Xbox Series X. Very sad people.


are you on the beta?

I have tried the beta and makes no difference. This is all related to DLC being released without testing by Microsoft. FS2020 is not 100% stable on Xbox as it is…adding DLC with is untested just makes this all the lot worse. Microsoft need to acknowledge this issue and put a process in place to resolve it. They cannot continue to charge customers for content which is bugged and causes CTDs