Is it worth to upgrade RAM from 14 to 22 GB?

I have low-end PC, usually fly IFR’s in preatty dense and populated areas, and noticing, that my fps seems to decrease pretty heavily, comparing to flying in the middle of nowhere(surprising, isn’t it?). Will increasage of RAM help with this? My RAM oftentimes is at 10-11 GB, and I frequently spawn at highly detailed airports. Will it also help with planes, that use a lot of CPU, like fully detailed A310? Btw, weird amounts of RAM are because 2GB is used by integrated GPU

What speed is your memory currently? And what can your motherboard handle?

More RAM may help, but depending on the speed you may benefit from faster memory.

You should turn on the FPS counter on in Dev Mode and check to see what your limiting factors are. That shared video memory might be holding you back more than total amount of system memory.

It’s mostly CPU, BUT, my CPU is above the requirements(medium spec for the game), and the RAM is frequently full. Usually, more RAM helps lessen CPU usage, if RAM is at 80% almost constantly

2400, the other 2666. Planning to buy 3200hz, which will mean RAM will work at 2666, so technically, it will also upgrade the RAM speed(although not by much)

2400 or 2666 won’t make a difference. It’s more important that Windows doesn’t use the Swap file for MSFS. So the best option would be to get two new 16 GB 3200 Ram chips and sell the old ones if that’s an option for you financially.
Also often prices on computer equipment tend to fall a little where I come from when Christmas is over.

So, I’ve bought it, and I can say, that it helped me greatly - now flying in a heavily loaded airports, such as Paris, with CDG and payware Orly airport is a far better experience - it runs without major stutters as early, and I can even play online without major FPS loss. Considering the fact that I have a browser, which eats around 1-1.5 GB of RAM, average usage is around 15-18 GB(depending on the airport, in Orly it is 18.5, again, with the browser with few tabs opened)