Is Live Weather Down? 1-11-22

Tried starting a flight at KDTW and selected live weather and nothing loaded in. I loaded the flight around 1830 EST, so i am wondering if this is the downtime of the server?

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Yes, it is down everyday at this time for quite awhile now. It’s a known issue.

For some stupid reason, live weather is down everyday from 6PM til around 7:15PM EST everyday.

Don’t you wish the real weather behaved this way? I mean everyday the weather turns clear and warm for an hour. Grab a drink and your lounger and set outside for a nice afternoon (at least here ins Pacific NW)


Actually, that would be awesome. LoL

This is a reminder that Live Weather is unavailable DAILY between 2300Z and 0012Z. This is a widely known defect and has been logged. The team is currently investigating. To view any current issues with Live Weather, click here.

There is also a large discussion here: