Live weather down every day from 23:00-00:12 Zulu (6:00p-7:12p EST)

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As in the title, live weather is down daily from 6:00p - 7:12p. World map shows weather but nothing but clear skies or haze is injected to the sim. Happening for several days now.
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Try adding live weather between 6:00p and 7:12p EST. Will not work.

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Started last week in the current build
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Yes, I noticed this too.

Curious if there has been any official word acknowledging this daily down time or how much linger it is to be expected?


Yes the live weather down again…

Hello everyone, this has been logged into our database, thank you for this feedback.

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I literally just found this thread at 7:11:30 PM. My altimeter was stuck at 29.92. I repeatedly pressed B and as soon as it hit 7:12 PM the Live Weather injected. Unbelievable timing on finding this thread. Looks like I’ll be planning my evening flights to start after 7:12 PM from now on.

It just happened to me at the exact same time window.

Obviously, I should do something else during that time. lol :smiley:

This only happens when you launch into the sim during the down period. If your sim was started before the downtime, live weather continues to operate properly. Consider that when planning your flights. Sometimes I will launch the sim and have the aircraft sit at the ramp while I plan the flight simply to avoid the weather outage.

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3ish PST always just happens to be when I have some time to sit down in front of the simulator. Maybe they can break this for some people in Europe for a change?

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And like clockwork 7:12pm EST rolls along… I can confirm!

3knot crosswind to 90knot tailwind in the blink of an eye. So fun!! :flushed:

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Wait what? THIS is a new bug? If I launch the sim during a 72 minute window (6P to 7:12P PST) during the day, I get no live weather?

That is correct. But if you are already in the sim then this will not impact you.

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Ridiculous and annoying bug. Spent an hour trying to work out why I didn’t have live weather - reset all firewall settings etc - only to see this is actually a thing. Loaded up at 7.15pm ET and all back to normal. Hope it gets noted and fixed soon!

I flew in live weather for about an hour before everything locked up and I had to restart the sim. Baby steps.


I think that Live Weather is down again.

Yep, on the world map. Clouds. In flight… nope.

its a shame

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Live weather still is broken. Fix it – we all know it’s down from this time frame (6pm EST) so why can’t this be resolved? I don’t understand why this isn’t fixed.


Yup, down here right now too

Same, dear live weather see you again in 19 minutes, I guess

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