Is MSFS2020 A Candidate For AMD’s FSR?

As the title says, is AMD’s FX Super Resolution a candidate for this new feature for MSFS2020 or do the upgrades make it a moving target? The new feature can only be applied on a per game basis after FSR is customised by AMD if I understand this correctly. I know many of you understand the details of this kind of stuff.


Based on my understanding on how it works, I see no reason why it’s not technically possible to impliment it in the sim.

With that said, I think Asobo is waaaaay too busy implimenting DX12, fixing bugs and making world updates. So I doubt they have capacity to focus on it in the short term. Maybe a year from now it’ll be considered.

Purely my opinion.


I think it’s got more chance of being implemented than nvidia’s DLSS.

Just too many textures for DLSS to be run on and many will change on each update of Bing satellite data.

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