Is PXN-2113 Pro

Is this joystick usable in MSFS2020

Hi @Drew8540, and welcome to the forums!

If the sim doesn’t recognize it when it loads, then it’s profile has not been added. You can definitely map settings manually.

Also, please submit it to ZenDesk under the “Feedback & Feature Requests” category and be sure to provide as much detail as you can about your hardware.

Dear Moderator team
Whenever I connect PXN-2113 joy stick to computer, MSFS shutdown. I dont know what’s happening behind…Other sims recognize PXN-2113 and works well. Thanks in advance.

Hi @ForemostJoker40, welcome to the forums!

Just an FYI… the mod team aren’t product support :wink: We can certainly help with odds and ends, but the real support for MSFS is via Zendesk.

When you struggle with something like you are right now, posting here is good as there may be others who have been through this. You should also send in a support ticket to Zendesk as I described above. Thanks.

TY for your help in directing me to the correct group to address this issue.

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Did you get it to work ? I just bought a PXN and it does not work it wants me to pretty much program the whole thing

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, not yet. MSFS still shut down whenever I connect. PXN shows the following page, but I don’t understand “MENU.OPTIONS_CONTROLS”

Looks nothing like my 2020 Simulator??

“MENU.OPTIONS_CONTROLS” does not appear in the current version.

Also PXN provided “” in their driver download page, PXN-2113 | PXN Racing Wheel, Game Controller, Arcade Stick for Xbox One, PS4 Switch, PC. This looks newer version, but nothing happens.

go to this link. PXN-2113/PXN-F16 set up in Microsoft Flight Simulation | PXN Racing Wheel, Game Controller, Arcade Stick for Xbox One, PS4 Switch, PC