Is Saitek X45 compatible?

I installed the drivers and software and in the Saitek software all my movement and buttons work fine. When I go into options of FS it shows that I have a Saitek X45 but I cant configure anything. When I play the game the controls on the stick and throttle dont work. Is this not compatible?

I am having the same issue with my X45 and would love an answer/solution as well.

make sure to uncheck the filter…it is set to show only bound things…and by default nothing is bound. once u see everything you can asign your axis and buttons.

i made a mapping pic for the X45
you can find it here: com/file/d/1ea2_udWMAi9JyJTF2cBiXW4NZEVlRoTm/view

remove the space “google. com” to make the link work

unfortunately the calibration from windows does not work for me ingame…and i havent figured out how to set the limits. pls let me know if you manage to get your x45 calibrated ingame

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Remove the filter on the left, then you can assign all the axis and button you want :slight_smile:

I’ve got an old X45 as well. Going to be fun trying to get it configured as this Flight Sim stuff is all new to me and I only used the stick briefly for Elite Dangerous.

today i uninstalled the old saitek drivers and instead used the generic windows hid drivers that get installed once u plug in the x45…and while im not able to calibrate in windows (no buttonpress or axis movement has an effect)…ingame most things work!!! untill we get proper ingame calibration i would suggest this. (throttel axis is limited to 0% to 30% thats why i mapped it to the rear rotary. and the thumb rotary is also limited from 20% to 80%…but i use it for elevator trim…thats still usefull)

I discovered on my x45 that you should NOT program the throttle and stick to the individual bindings. Use the combined bindings in the sim menu. Example, Throttle, not throttle up or throttle down. Same with stick programming. Use left, right up down, not x+,x-,y+,y- etc. Even for the rudder. z i think. All buttons can be programmed in sim for whatever you need. My rotories are my trims, Fire for brake, fire c for cam reset, etc.

Thanks so much guys, saved me from thinking I had to buy a new HOTAS.

Ive got my X45 recognized in the game and throttle, rudder and trim wheels work fine, but for my stick, when I select aileron Axis and do search by input it will only register when I take it all the way to the left. Same for my elevator. It will only see it when I push the stick all the way forward. So once Im in the aircraft, the yoke is hard left and all the way fwd. I managed to get off the ground by mapping my roll to the rudder lever and pitch to throttle but that is absolutely no fun!

Did you find a solution to this? I have the exact same problem and it makes the joystick unusable.