Is the honeycomb yoke and throttle worth it

Yo,been thinking of buying da yoke

I Currently Own the Honeycomb Yoke it’s a Great Product I’d prefer it over Saitek anytime
I don’t own the Throttle but considering Honeycomb Reputation I’d say it’s worth it.

Much better Build Quality IMO
Solid steel yoke shaft with dual linear ball bearings with 180° Yoke rotation
5-Position ignition switch
Adjustable cockpit backlighting
Smooth matte finish on the panel and on the main yoke.

Yo, every penny of it.

Had Logitech yoke, Velocity Flight One (junk) and now Alpha and Bravo, definitely worth it, but their customer service is terrible

Just make sure that you buy the right one. The yoke on this product page is still the old yoke which is not XBox compatible. There is a new one which is more expensive but has hall effect sensors, a spring loaded ignition switch and a new streamlined design.

But beware, the Honeycomb products had their issues with reliability the past and their product support is pretty much nonexistent.

I’ve been very happy with mine. A key difference between it and the cheaper Logitech one is that there is no “notch” for the neutral pitch control position which does make a difference in trimming etc.

I’m very happy with the Alpha yoke, but have mixed feelings on the Bravo throttle. Overall it does most of what I want, but a couple specific things:

  • pitch trim wheel is implemented as virtual buttons, and has relatively low precision. if you’re not happy with the speed or precision of the trim as default, it’s hard to adjust without having an external program like FSUIPC or as an input manager.
  • the “reverse range” on the throttle axes is implemented as a button that is simply either on when the throttle is negative or off if it’s not. this is enough for activating full reversers, but not enough for any precise control. this may or may not be an issue.
  • i’ve had some reliability issues with the little extra buttons like the TOGA button and the reverse-mode switches on the jet throttle levers. I think the contacts are vulnerable to dust, or else something’s gotten out of alignment.

Support is also reputed to be very slow to respond, so just be aware. :slight_smile:

I have had both since they came out and they are excellent.

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I have the Bravo. Its an awesome little piece of hardware, especially since you can swap out the levers and thus can create a number of different layouts for different planes. If you look on Etzy, you can even find tons of well made DIY add-ons.

I will admit, I find it a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit overpriced.

The Honeycomb yoke is a very good yoke. I recently upgraded to the Fulcrum yoke and am very happy with it. It will cost a little more, but your getting a yoke just as good as the Yoko yoke at half the price.

My customer experience has been terrific and totally contrary to many many posts.

I had a reverser lever problem on the HC Bravo (which I refuse to fly without). E-mailed HC and got a response in 2 days. Sent proof of purchase and got a pre-paid FedEx label in two days; shipped unit; in 4 days, I got confirmation that unit would be replaced. Two days later, got shipping confirmation. Replacement unit arrives this Friday. What’s not to like???

My answer to the OP’s question would be a resounding YES!

There are certainly better alternatives, and also cheaper alternatives, but if the Honeycomb set fits your budget, you’ll get excellent value for money.

I always take the opportunity to suggest running them via SPAD.neXt to release their full potential.

I agree that it’s not really the best but unfortunately there aren’t really many hardware options for trim wheels in general let alone ones that implement the trim as axis instead of an encoder. Apparently some flightsimmers want it implemented this way because then an ingame autopilot adjust the trim without things getting out of sync with the physical wheel but personally I’m not really a fan.

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They are fantastic, the Throttle Quadrant is incredibly versatile and the yolk is nice and solid. That said, if you fly mainly Airliners, you may want to look at the Thrustmaster Boeing yolk as it’s quite a bit more true to feel.

But if you fly GA / Mix then the Honeycomb is fantastic.

As for the trim wheel “slowness” with the button press. Check out the workaround posted here

Maps it to an Axis and works much better.

Yeah, I’m not aware of any product on the market that does what I really want there, which is a servo-actuated wheel that takes feedback from the sim when the autopilot is driving or you use the electric trim buttons. Maybe someday I’ll get a buddy who does hardware hacking to help me rig one up. :wink:

Of the available options, the Bravo’s wheel is not bad – it’s just not realistic and you have to work within its limitations. :smiley:

I had the high dollar Precision Flight control throttles and no support and just couldn’t configure them to a point I got rid of it and went with Honey comb throttle and auto pilot . There’s videos upon video’s and it’s like FS2020 was almost made for it, so easy to set up – Even my Go flight auto pilot i gave it away, just no support for it .Very depressing the money we invested in this high dollar stuff and cant get any support .