Is the Marketplace version of Zagreb the Aerosoft v2.2?

The Marketplace info is so ambiguous at times - I’m pretty sure the version of Zagreb there, by Drazen Matlekovic, is the Aerosoft one, however there’s no clue as to whether it’s the latest v2.2. Anyone able to clarify please?

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I own the Marketplace version of this. I don’t think it’s the v2.2. Here’s a screenshot from their v2.2 video:

Here’s mine. No flames coming from those stacks:

Thanks. I opened a ticket with them and they’re claiming the MP version IS 2.2.1. I’ve emailed them back asking for absolute clarification as nothing in the MP blurb suggests it’s the new version.

When did you make the purchase?

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Go to your OneStore folder, open up Zagreb. Look for the manifest.json. open that with notepad. It will contain the version info

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Thanks, however I’m on Xbox and have not made the purchase yet…

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I don’t own it, or I’d confirm it for you. Possibly someone that does will see this and check version info

It’s 2.1.0 in the manifest.json file on the PC version. Installation is up to date.

  "dependencies": [],
  "content_type": "SCENERY",
  "title": "LDZA Franjo Tudman Airport",
  "manufacturer": "Aerosoft",
  "creator": "Drazen Matlekovic",
  "package_version": "2.1.0",
  "minimum_game_version": "1.29.22",
  "release_notes": {
    "neutral": {
      "LastUpdate": "",
      "OlderHistory": ""
  "total_package_size": "00000000001356524131"

They may have 2.2.1 in the Marketplace pipeline. According to the last development update, there are two P2 airport updates and 16 P3 airport updates going through the intake process, so it’s probably one of those.