Is the MS Marketplace Worth It?

Originally I thought that one stop shopping was the way to go…only buying from the MS Store.

While I have not experienced the “disappearing content” issues that others have complained about, I have seen cheaper prices on other stores (like the Dev’s site)…and recently I realized that product updates / patches / fixes are delayed in reaching the MS store.

Asobo needs to work with Devs to ensure that the store gets these updates around the same time. Else, I am not seeing a benefit in buying from the MS Store.


Hi… FS marketplace worked hard on coming with many aircraft, landscapes and enhancements. FSX addons and accesories have been on the internet for around 16 years and it’s still developing for some people. FS 2020 is still a new product. and it’s going to be more dependable for different people and for many varieties of objectives . what someone’s objectives of playing the simulator is what makes the marketplace less or more important to his own needs. Beside flying, some people play the simulator like a game. others like to discover the globe. some people like to see landmarks … and so and so…

Nothing will remain the same as it is now in the Marketplace. it will improve day by day. it’s only your objectives which make the marketplace efficient for your needs or not.

Personally , I grade the marketplace as 4/5 cuz I see the simulator as a relaxation and learning tool. at the same time, it improves my flying skills and gives me a better way to keep my fresh knowledge. (example), I visit the marketplace to find a runway enhancement rather than finding a fancy airport building.
Good luck…:slight_smile:


What is the SP market?

No. Not at all. It’s not fit for purpose.

Going to spend €50 on an add on module? Why risk the MS/Asobo marketplace that doesn’t provide a proof of ownership receipt should you ever find yourself in dispute with them after a glitch and which requires the add on be validated by servers which have suffered serious global outages twice in the last 2 months alone every time you want to use it?

Instead if you buy it from an external vendor you get that receipt, you get to re-download or back up your purchase and you don’t have to worry about a borked validation system hiding it from you because of “access denied”

If they ever sort out the proof of purchase thing I might re-consider, but then there is always that validation issue ghosting in the background.

Just a liability at present.


We PC users have the freedom to choose between Marketplace and the real source, that is the 3rd party developer. I assume the Xbox users of MSFS 2020 will only have the Marketplace solution, this is the old method of customer lock-in.
Second I assume that Microsoft takes a share for their service. If you buy direct by the developer, the developer gets all the money.

Check with or other developer websites like or Its defintely worth buying from marketplace, you get to update the products when you get versions overtime.

I think the built in marketplace is a fantastic addition to the new Flight Simulator, I already have experience with the simulator addon market from using Railworks and it’s a huge annoyance to have to get addons from a bunch of different places when reinstalling, I’m just happy that I bought most of my addons from the Railworks DLC page on Steam.

Being able install addons without having to launch a bunch of programs or installers is really worth it if you ever need to do a full reinstall, and despite it taking a little longer for updates to arrive on Steam, though it seems it’s really just until the next Thursday when the marketplace gets its next batch of additions and updates, automatically having the updates show up in the “Update available” section of the content manager is really convenient.

  • Theorically better integration (due to validation of Microsoft / Asobo)
  • Potentially compatible with Xbox Series release (only a potential, but you can be sure that for anything outside Marketplace it will be 100% incompatible)
  • Potentially compatible with XCloud (only a potential, but you can be sure that for anything outside Marketplace it will be 100% incompatible)
  • You can use your profits of Microsoft Reward / Game Pass Quest in Marketplace

Advantage or disadvantage? Marketplace purchases are integrated into MSFS and managed using the Comtent Manager. Purchases or obtaining directly from the developer are installed in the Community folder. Large number of add-ons can become difficult to manage without a separate add-on manager. Personally I use a combination of both.

The Marketplace has no record of your purchases in the event of a technical glitch in the future. Multiple users have reported things disappearing.

Support is bad to non-existent, with many users getting stuck in a loop of being passed between different companies all of which point fingers at each other.

Updates from the developers are significantly delayed compared to other sources.

There is nowhere to quickly and easily read the EULA/license/policies of a specific developer before buying their product.

Reviews are only “stars” which multiple users have reported being hidden/not shown when they give low star reviews to add-ons which show zero stars.

Add-ons purchased on tbe Marketplace are encrypted which may keep users from modding the addon (like the community flight model updates for the F-15).

Not worth it. I have purchased 3 aircraft there and that will be it unless some of the items above are addressed.

SimMarket allows add-ons to be sold which stole content from other addon makers and in my opinion should also be avoided.


erm yes you will as the transaction will be showing on a bank statement/ paypal account and you just give them the transaction number they can check

poor poor arguments and false claims in your reply

Which claims are false?

Regarding this. For Steam users that transaction will appear within steam and/or your payment method of choice as “credits for in game purchase” - which is not an itemized receipt and in a year or so, once users have many marketplace purchases will not be much use in a dispute with support.

I have raised this issue with support and their suggestion was to “make a personal note of your purchases” - which they then also admitted would not be accepted as proof of purchase in the event of a dispute.

The whole thing is not fit for purpose.

Which claim is false? Every statement I have made is based on real user feedback from this forum.

The OFFICIAL Marketplace should be the number one stop for PREMIUM quality 3rd party addons. Customers should feel secure knowing the 3rd party developers content has been vetted by either MS or Asobo staff to assure the quality of these addons are equal to, or better than, the quality of the official content.

I learned the hard way that this is not so, and have found some addons sub par. Even lazy ports from FSX just literally dumped into MSFS 2020 (which should be penalized) not accepted.


The market place will not be anymore than a cash grab for lazy devs, and you’ll have a hard time trying to avoid the bullcrap. This needs to be taken in hand NOW! The marketplace is still young, there’s some really great addons and every not so great addon you allow will take away from those that deserve your custom.

Does the addon meet the quality and standard required of MSFS 2020?
If they do not, then you cannot release the addon until you have met the requirements.
It really isn’t rocket science.

When I buy a scenery or an airport on the OFFICIAL Market place, then I should, and all of you should, feel assured you are getting AT THE BEAR MINIMUM the same quality as an OFFICIAL addon.


If I needed to reinstall I would simply drag the contents of my purchased mod backups into the community folder…or even quicker…just make s copy of the community folder before starting the uninstall/reinstall process.

Because all the content is already on local drives this is way quicker than the marketplace.

Additionally, updates are always available earlier with external vendors than they are through the marketplace.

did u looked at the 737 max ?

Just wait for the flood of FSX converted aircraft that’s coming down the pipe. The community conversion tools are getting quite good now, so hold on to your joysticks kids, cuz it’s going to get busy here.

MSFS marketplace and is all you need.

I hated the different registration systems you had to use in X-Plane.

I have been going through marketplace for most things except the Bell 47 of course which isn’t there.
I am also worried about the risk to loss of item in some unfortunate events, there’s no email receipt for the product, you just buy “flight sim credits” whatever the hell that is.
But i want the ease of having it all in one place for the dreaded re-install if it ever happens.
Having several other sources makes life more difficult, although i find ORBX Central to be pretty decent.