Is the stock TBM930 as good as the Kodiak?

The TBM930 is one of my favorites (I also have the Kodiak). I still recommend the TBM930 Improvement mod - it has been updated beyond Mugz original work. There is also a single edit that can be made to a config file if you run into an issue with your system.

The WT g3000 mod is a must-have for this aircraft. There are still issues that are related to the default nav system from MS/Asobo, but the WT mod is leaps and bounds ahead of the default version. There are actually a number of things that the g3000 mod can do that even the NXi can’t, though VNAV, holds and other items are more accurate with the NXi. Once the NXi is a standard part of the MS/Asobo system, these attributes will be made available for the g3000.

Another option for you would be the newly-released Cessna 414AW Chancellor from Flysimware: Flysimware’s CESSNA 414AW CHANCELLOR MSFS2020 – Flysimware. Study-level pressurized twin!

Uff. Do you know the hotstart TBM900?

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I think this should be the more important criteria used to decide between these planes. Pick the right plane for the job/location.

The Kodiak is more of a competitor to the Caravan. They are both unpressurized STOL workhorse type aircraft used around the world in a variety of industrial, commercial, and tourist roles. The TBM is more of an economical executive aircraft with a pressurized cabin.

Personally, the Kodiak (and Caravan) are a lot more appropriate for the types of roles I imagine I’m doing when flying a GA aircraft… sight seeing trips, delivering cargo to a remote location, moving small groups of tourists or workers from site to site. They give more of a sense of being part of a real flight operation. If I wanted to fly an executive jet, I would probably choose the CRJ (but I don’t do that type of flight - yet).

It’s definitely a good one per say but…

…it’s way too expensive
…it looks ghastly (though probably more due to the limitations of Xplane)
…the 900 is rather dated by now, especially compared to the 940. Avionics, de-icing system, interior, auto-throttle etc

Would love to see the 940 in MSFS!

Yes to the 940. Proper autothrottle in GA!

Uff. No I don’t.

I think it’s the 960 that is the first TBM with autothrottle.

The TBM mod is a little outdated and won’t work with SU10. The author responded that he will update it as soon as SU10 is final.

Also if you want to go fast and fly high with a single engine turboprop, the upcoming PC-12 from Carenado might be of interest. It’s analog though but comes with GTN750 and EX600. It has the advantage that it can land on dirt and grass runways and has some STOL capability.
SWS’s glass cockpit version of the PC-12 was also announced but I have little hope for quick release.

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SWS are releasing a steam version before the NG this year. I’m confident it will be better than the Carenado offering. Both are not out yet and Carenado are just trying to hype things up by announcing their one as coming soon. It’s been that way for quite some time now and still nothing. Better to hang on for the SWS PC-12 in steam, glass or both if you prefer.

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except if you speak of Bredok or CS…LMAO

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Unfortunately true.

For me important is how deep the simulation of the aircraft is. Not if it’s the 900 or 940.
you won’t find many aircraft with a deeper simulation, therefore pricing is fully alright. And optics are fine too.

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