Is the stock TBM930 as good as the Kodiak?

I’ve been away from the sim for about a year. Since coming back I’ve bought and really enjoyed the SimWorksStudios Kodiak. I find that this aircraft is just so well done. However, I’m looking for a turboprop with a glass cockpit that flies higher and faster. Is the stock TBM930 any good? I remember some time ago it was pretty awful but fortunately Mugz had a mod to improve matters. Seems that Mugz hasn’t really worked on the TBM for a while though. Also is the WT G3000 mod as good as their G1000 Nxi?

The Kodiak is designed to haul stuff. The TBM is designed to haul butt. The TBM is also pressurized and will easily cruise above FL250 with true airspeed measured in Mach numbers. For long-range flights in the Kodiak, you’ll need to be very patient climbing above 15,000’ (you’ll need oxygen in the real world), but in the sim, I stick to about 12,000 max altitude.


I fly both the stock TBM and the SWS Kodiak for, as @tclayton2k says re different purposes, fast or bush flights respectively and enjoy both aircraft.

It’s not like you have to pay for the TBM as it is already in the sim, so I suggest you find out yourself and try it.

Although there are a few key differences, the C208 is roughly in the same class as the Kodiak. Give that one a try, then if you like it, buy the Kodiak.


I don’t think anyone else has addressed this, but I believe your question was regarding a quality comparison, rather than a usage question.

The Kodiak is a better simulation than the TBM, but that is usually the case when you compare third party planes with first party default planes.


As mentioned they are very different planes, also it’s difficult to compare a default plane with a highly rated payware plane. Obviously the Kodiak offers more due to that, but I’m not sure what you found awful with the TBM?

For being a default plane I think it’s really good, yes there are some shortcomings to it, but I and many others have enjoyed loads of flights with it.

The TBM is fun. Mugz’ mod is awesome, but with him being in Russia, he hasn’t been able to publish updates to it. However, someone else has taken over keeping it compatible with the sim. If you go to the Third Party / Aircraft section in the forum, you can find the updated mod that will work with the current SU9.

As to your actual question - the planes are night and day. The Kodiak has been meticulously modelled in both its systems and flight models to be as realistic as possible. It’s not quite study level, but pretty close. And may get there with future updates. That’s the beauty of 3rd party planes.

The modded TBM uses a modified (by Mugz) flight model and engine parameters. It has a few extra bells and whistles over the stock plane, but is still really just a lightly modelled stock aircraft, and has to be taken as such. It still suffers from some of the issues that many default planes do. That said, it’s a pretty fun plane to fly, and currently, it’s the only one that fits the bill for what you want to do - a fast turboprop with a glass cockpit that flies high.

So I would say to grab the updated mod, grab the latest Working Title G3000, and fly it. In the end, only you can determine if it suits your needs or not. I suspect it will.


The TBM is ok for a stock aircraft but if you want something similar but made to the standard of the Kodiak then you’ll have to wait until the SWS PC-12 is released.


OK now that is something I’m REALLY looking forward to. Many thanks.


The only thing the Kodiak and the TBM have in common is the PT6A turbo prop.

The MSFS Kodiak has more system depth and is overall a better product than the TBM but they are not even remotely in the same role/class. The Kodiak is a utility plane that can land on rough unpaved short strips where the TBM would have no hope - whereas the TBM is a business turboprop that cruises at roughly twice the speed of the Kodiak and happily operates 10,000’ higher than the Kodiak.

The PC12 when available will be a good alternative.

The closest to the TBM in currently available payware is probably actually a business jet, the Hondajet.

The PC12 I want, full Glass Cockpit model, isnt out until next year sadly. It features in the Amazon show Terminal List and looks like a great aircraft.


I fly the TBM 930 as my “go to” aircraft in FS2020. I like it and it does what I want it to do and is very enjoyable to fly. I highly recommend it.


Just out of curiosity, what are the issues with the stock TBM (or any other plane for that matter)?

I know veterans here find the simulation lacking in a lot of the first party planes, if not all, and even though it’s something that’s likely not going to affect me much, I’m just wondering.

The stock TBM is fantastic, and with the WT G3000 it is an amazing airplane. When the sim first came out the turbine logic was all messed up, but it’s been corrected. I don’t see a need for the Mugz mod, the stock airplane flies exactly by the numbers. What I really love about it is you can fly extremely complex IFR procedures, and you can also hop into it for a 15-minute VFR flight. I do both regularly.


Looks like I made the right choice for my next plane when my European 172 tour is over in that case.


Apart from the obvious differences between what the planes are used for IRL - in the sim, you can use the Kodiak with the very capable G1000 NXi. The TBM uses the G3000, and the WT mod for that is pretty bare bones in comparison. I’m sure that will change when they release their refreshed G3000.

I think the PC-12 NGX that SWS says they are working on is a LOOOONG way off, given that they need to code a complete avionics system from the ground up. Hopefully the 12/47 will be out this year. SWS says it should be out by the end of the year.

There have been 28 updates to the WT G3000 system so far so they are working on it.

Just curious what you think the WT G3000 is lacking. I’ve flown some pretty intense and quite complex IFR flights in it. I think the system is phenomenal.

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At a guess I would suggest the same things that were missing from the Asobo G1000, compared to the WT G1000 NXi. Which I guess is now the new Asobo default G1000 come SU10?

The TBM is my default for fast & complex flights, a joy to fly on blackop missions through the mountains in marginal weather. The WT G3000 keeps getting better and better.