Is the World update 12 New Zealand only available in standard version?

Since i a own premium deluxe version i wonder why the update only offered standard. Is there only a standard version this time, or was it a mistake?

I think we do not have a single Premium Deluxe. We have Standard+Deluxe+Premium Deluxe version. As there are no specific Premium Deluxe or Deluxe airports or landmarks affected, it is enough to update just a Standard version, I think.

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OK. Afaik rmember before there have been different versions but i might be wrong. In the text there stand i can download additional content via content manager ingame. Probably someone can confirm this.

You remember correct. If a World or Sim update concerns an area or an airport which is a part of Deluxe or Premium Deluxe or a planes which are part of Deluxe and Premium Deluxe, we see different versions, or at least I suspect something of this kind:) And yes, we almost always have to download a content via content manager additionally to what is downloaded during the game loading.

THX now i got it. Thanks god i am not crazy and remembered at least right. Just one more question. Do i have to deinstall orbx new zealand mesh or does both work together fine?

I think it is up to you, you can always return that mesh if you uninstall it. If you do not see any difference with/without the mesh from ORBX you can remove it. I do not know which mesh is better detailed and accurate, however, ORBX has some good experience with them, and if Asobo did not work specially on a mesh for NZ i’d keep the product from ORBX for a while until there is more information, because Asobo’s current technology is not always good for meshes, at least for my home region (URMN) the default mesh is not good at many places.