Is there a better way to see VORs in the World Map?

Is there a way to better see the VOR’s. They are really hard to find.

The VORs in the actual U.S. sectionals have a compass rose around them. If they could add something like that, it might help finding them as it would stand out a bit more. But right now, because you have to zoom in so far, it really is difficult to find them unless you know where they are ahead of time!

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The World Map / More… / Open Filters and just turn the map to ‘Blend’ and everything but NAVAIDS off shows the VORs and NDBs quite nicely. Example:

You can also use some outside tools (Little Navmap etc) to go grab and plan. Online sites like on World Low is useful to plan VOR routing. Just right mouse click over it to see the Id and frequency. The new VFR map in SU10 beta also has a search you can use the ID on.

I think has a VOR only planning toggle as well (Route Type = VOR under Route Finder)

You can see them on Little Navmap.

I moved this out of the Sim Update 10 beta category, as it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Sim Update 10. I also changed the title to make it easier to understand the question before clicking into the topic.

The problem is, even if you set the filters as you prescribed, you still have to zoom in to 4km, or 2nm to actually get the specific type of navaid to show up on the WM. Not very good for planning anything but a local flight. Of course there are outside sources, but IMO to make longer route VOR planning viable within the WM, we should be able to see the locations of VORs while zoomed out much further. But that’s obviously a wishlist kind of thought rather than “a way to do it now”. I’ll see if anyone has posted a request there.

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I use sky4sim , absolutely fantastic I think. A bit like the in game map used to be in fsx only better, all the frequencys, runway headings, weather (where applicable) .
Works a treat in VR as well.

Easy answer - ( if it ever can get implemented ) — - VORs should have Compass Roses attached to them … (orientated to MAGNETIC North !! )

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