Is there a problem with credited flight times?

I just completed a flight from Brisbane (YBBN) to Singapore (WSSS) which took over 8 hours to complete. I got credited in my profile with 22 minutes flight time!!! Did I do something wrong? Aircraft was the Cessna Longitude.


This is one of the buggier areas in the sim. When doing bush flights, it’s a hit and miss as well. On some legs you get credits on many you don’t. I completed almost all bush trips but maybe 10% counted towards flight time.

For me time is usually correct, but it’s random if it will count the takeoff and/or landing.

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Flight last evening, KTXK-KMEM, got credit for the time, but did not get credit for the takeoff, but got the landing, exactly how can the logbook, see the flight, credit for LDG, and not realize I had to takeoff, to get there. FWIW-The logbook has been PIA since release, and it seems Asobo/MS is incapable of fixing it correctly. I know I have over 1000 hours in sim, but according to logbook, it has less than 100 hours. I usually just don’t give a RA, but sometimes it just burns me up I never get the credit I deserve.
I usually spend more time fixing/tweaking MSFS2020 than flying in it, because it also seems I need to check something or fix something before I can make it work.
You can discount; however, X-Plane 12 is a beta, but 90%+ of the time, I can open up that one, choose new flight, pick plane (F-14 fuel load out for me is broken-causes game to freeze-bugged it) and it runs completely fine. I do not use ATC in that one as it’s if possible worse than MSFS, but the sim works fine mostly, and planes fly good. Laminar is excellent on feedback to me specifically if I have a question, and the development team responds to every bug report I file thanking me for submitting, unlike this 50% mess.

If I had not purchased the PMDG 737-700 and DC Designs F-14, I would give up here, just more work than usually worth it. However, last evening was able to create and fly Simbrief Flight Plan in the PMDG 737-700 BDSF from KTXK-KMEM without a (almost) hitch, partway through, got “cabin altitude warning” and could not figure out how to clear, but it went away after a while. I have NO failures set. So I should not get any warnings which I have not setup but lo and behold there it was, cabin pressure was set to 10K feet, and at FL 160.

Grassyatom - I had 8TB drive with over 2000 movies on it go TU on Monday, turns out believe it was close to full, and had not moved enough files out. For some reason, it wrote over something, and the NTFS File table was gone. Had to format and start over. Did scan and WD’s deep drive check and physically it’s fine. Sad about all those movies, but life is what it is, most of them have on DVD anyway. Too much trouble to recopy them over again. Some however, lost, the complete animated Batman series, about 28-30 of them, some good monster movies as well. Maybe when board I will hunt the ones I remember and put them back. Just too much work now.

The only thing I can think of is that I had nearly filled C drive with the latest 20 plus GB update so I was impelled to move files. Maybe something has gone wrong in this process. I have discovered that all the world updates have to be reinstalled and maybe some other files are not where they should be. I will look for the logbook files to see if there is something wrong. I also landed really badly at Singapore and took quite a while to taxi to parking. Is it possible the poor landing negated the flight duration? Also, thanks to those who have replied.

Its not you it is the system.

Maybe consider buying a real pilot logbook or use an app to keep a separate logbook. That way even if you fly more than one sim, you have them all in one place.

dev mode on?

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Oh yes I forgot about that. It is actually a pity those hours doesn’t count. It should actually log in my opinion and put an extra column in the logbook that says “Experimental”.

But that doesn’t explain why some hours were logged. Dev mode should have logged nothing.

During bush trips the sim logs the flight time only if you go back to the main menu after each leg. If you choose continue and fly several legs in succession, only the last leg will actually be logged (the one you quit to the main menu from).

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I’d vote for that. there are many hours of flight that didnt get counted before I knew that. primary reason I dont enable it. otherwise id always use the ingame fps counter.

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No, at least I hope not, as it would not have been me who turned it on.

That’s probably a very good idea.

I’ve also had some time related issues. I did a flight that was 40-50 minutes but it got logged somehow as 2 minutes.

I also lost about 10 hours from my flight log recently for some reason pretty soon after the SU11 update. That loss of hours might have been CTD related as I had several on the first day of release and it was after one of those that I noticed the hours had dropped, but it has been stable since then, no more CTDs since the first day.

Last evening, flight from PMDY to PMDY in F-14B. I got all the time I spent in air, practicing landing configuration and getting the AOA correct. Still WIP for this plane, and once I get it down, it should then transition to other planes and other sims somewhat. SO, sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. If you terminate flight for any reason, you get nothing as far as I know, but could be wrong. I just mostly ignore logbook as I know it’s bogus and may never be correct. If you uninstall, and then reinstall, believe all logbook entries are gone, keeping separate one is better idea, as if it’s not written down, it never happened. RP keep logbook with pen/pencil and paper.

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I’ve also seen apps for Android for logging. The data is stored in the cloud. Maybe worth checking it out.

Escpecially if you fly more than 1 simulator.

That could be it indeed. However, going back to main menu as a workaround would ruin the immersion so I prefer missing flight time.

I ended up having to uninstall then reinstall MSFS2020 due to another problem (missing Garmin avionics) and thankfully all logbook entries are still present going back to day 1. I am thinking that creating an excel file will suffice as a log book to avoid a repetition. It’s only happened to me once, but I fear that it may not be the only time in the future.

This is killing me. I fly for two hours and get 5 min and some seconds in the log book—and sometimes nothing at all. I’m playing on the console and I have just a standard setup. My assumption is that the 40th Anniversary Update screwed something. However, at least it’s not crashing when I try and take off or land at KBFI, which is an improvement.

But seriously, the logbook no longer works since the 40-update. :man_shrugging:t3:

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I encountered this last night. Hour and twenty something flight. And got 20 mins.

Log book shows flight from 1933 to 1953 local time but the flight was 19:33 to 20:53 or there abouts, I haven’t been able to prove it yet but I just wondered if the To time of the flight is somehow defaulting to the same hour of the From Time, If that makes sense. So a flight from say 1815 to 2025 should show as 2 hours and 10 mins but will in fact only show as 10 mins as the log book would record the flight with a To time of 1825…

Again I have not been able to prove it and its only a thought based on the widely inaccurate times that have been shared here.

Hmmm, normally the log entry screen does not even open, but after update, it did, and got credit for all my time and landings, short flight. So maybe they have fixed it. Do some short flights and see if it’s working now.