Is there a reason you cannot highlight every leg in a flight plan?

I am trying to create my own flight plans visiting different POI in the UK but for some reason I cannot highlight all legs to add items to that leg. I am trying to find a pattern but it just seems very hit and miss. If you could just select a leg and every time it would highlight this would be so much easier.

Noticed that also, but only on the third leg and beyond.
Hit and miss, but move map, change zoom and retry clicking on that leg. I’ve also had it work after clicking on arrival then clicking that leg, but not always…

This IS frustrating. I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Yeah this seems super inconsistent. I can hardly ever select the final leg before arrival, but sometimes I can… Almost seems like a bug

It is really weird… and inconsistent. Also, some VORs and the occasional waypoint simply don’t show up when entering the flight plan manually.

If you happen to load a flight plan created by Little NavMap, Flight Sim doesn’t seem to have a problem with a VOR or waypoint that is unavailable when trying to enter manually.

It is very weird.

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