Is there a way to increase reflection distances?

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My biggest gripe with the graphics in MSFS is the tiny render distance reflections have in MSFS. Reflections are cut off at only a few metres away from the camera. On many aeroplanes, this isn’t even far away enough for the plane to reflect the ground! And there is no setting to adjust this.
So I’m asking, is there a way to increase the reflection distance? Like, through commands maybe?
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This picture demonstrates what I’m talking about. All settings are on ultra. As you can see, the reflection distance is barely far enough to see the engine…

MSFS uses what’s called “screen-space reflections” plus a very low-resolution environment map. This means that only portions of the scene that were rendered in the previous frame are available to reflect from with decent resolution – hence seeing only portions of the engine that are visible, and not any of the portions that are around the bend. (It also excludes a lot of area around the edge of the frame.)

Until they add ray tracing support there won’t be good, complete reflections. Many folks say this will never happen because it will be too expensive in terms of render time. We’ll see!

Here’s hoping for MSFS 2024. :slight_smile:

Wishlist item for ray tracing:

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