Is there a way to keybind a Garmin map zoom knob?


I recently started flying in VR and am slowly increasing realism settings and manual controls to improve the experience. After a nice flight and landing tonight while watching a sunrise over Japan, before logging off I took some time to zoom in on all the buttons in the cockpit and click through on all the screens and devices (Textron Aviation Beechcraft Baron G58).

I found out that I can zoom in and out on the right Garmin screen to quickly get a better map view of my surroundings, and to find any nearby airports. As I mainly fly without a flight plan I really like this option. However, grabbing my mouse in a flight in VR, and using the mousepointer to find the ‘increase map zoom’ button to accidentally click something else instead breaks immersion quite a bit. I cannot find any way to bind this key in the standard keybind menu’s. Is there perhaps a different way to do this, or a different way to handle this in VR that I am unaware of?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Okay so I saw on a video from ObsidianAnt today that keybinding Garmin buttons/knobs is a much requested feature and will get released in a future patch later this year. So I guess that’s my question answered. :slight_smile:

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Yeah…Garmin knobs are a pain. Need keybinds!

You can bind a lot with use of GitHub - Elephant42/FS_Tool
Depends on available controls you have, but if you read readme and config files - everything is there (working trough SimConnect as far as I remember).
I binded even more on my Bravo Throttle - works like a charm :slight_smile:

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