Is there any manual?

I havn’t flown flight sim for real since SubLogic Flight Simulator on C64 (cassette edition) and Falcon 3/4, but those came with very nice and beefy manuals that you could use to for example know how to operate the instruments…

I’m right now flying hit-and-miss especially when it comes to the autopilot which seems to be haunted, or I’m doing something really wrong. And I still don’t know what auto throttle really does.

Maybe I’ve missed something in all the flashy UI parts? Or is there just no manual? In that case, can someone help me with links to where I can learn about the 320neo for example?

An example, in some aircrafts the trim seem to be constantly adjusted by some magical force… with and without autopilot enabled. Its probably correct simulation wise but I dont know how to fly with it.

There is some kind of manual for a dvd version of the sim, but what’s it like, don’t know.
Pdf, not to my knowledge.


As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an in-game manual that covers all the new systems in the game and the aircraft systems. There are some training missions in the C152 to get you acclimated to the flight controls and some of the game systems, but that’s about all I’ve seen. The aircraft themselves also have checklists which show you the exact item to interact with, but some of them are incomplete and only do one or two phases.

The best way to learn the game systems and the different aircraft are with tutorials online.
Squirrel has created a bunch of tutorials that go through game setup and aircraft features like the autopilot:

If you’re looking to learn how to use the Airbus a320neo in the game, I highly recommend 320 Sim Pilot:
He does an excellent job explaining the Airbus systems that are available in game, and how they compare to the real world Airbus. I’ve learned a lot by watching his videos.

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Who needs a manual when you can find anything online? Just Bing it.
Jokes aside, game devs these days became lazy and ain’t got no time for petty manuals.
Such a shame really.

Thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for!

The printed manual isn’t anything to write home about.

It has a guide for the installation procedure, some non-specific explanations of the sim’s main menus, three pages about how to start and land in a C172 and all the rest are descriptions of the activities, airplanes and (in the extra book coming with the premium edition) a few of the handcrafted airports, mostly with the exact same texts you can find in the sim in the airplane hangar and activity menu.

Nothing that goes in depth or helps new simmers to get over the initial hurdles…