Is there any solution for the repeating ctds?

Dear Members,

I just want to know is there any solution for CTD crashing every single flight after update 5? Sim is unplayeble after update 5. Please help me.


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Same boat. Five minutes, CTD, rinse, repeat.


Yes, reinstall the sim and after that don’t install any addons (even the Marketplace ones) without testing first. You will see you have no CTD’s. Then start installing the addons one by one and testing until you find the ones causing the CTD’s.

Also uninstall Process Lasso and other ■■■■ you may have installed before.


I dont think so it is caused by an addon. I flew with an original asobo airplane over a lake and crashed. Today I managed a flight which was 2 hours with FBW airbus without crash. Maybe older addons can cause problems but in this case sometimes crash sometimes no crash. I have max 10 addons installed and just scenery. In this case if I fly over an airport in the sim it should be a crash. It is never happened. Just this **** worster after every update. Eraly access

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If you ask for help and people tell you what to do and you say you don’t think so because you know better, why are you asking for help? You should be able to solve the crashes alone, right?

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Because this always cause the program not myself. I did nothing to the sim. By the way I followed your instructions only the reinstall what I skipped. Now its working well. Some crash happens but not during longer flights. FBW A320 incompatible now even the dev version as well.

The crashes are almost always caused by something installed on the community folder or from the marketplace. Some people clean the community folder but don’t uninstall the addons they have from the marketplace, so they continue to have crashes and crying here saying it’s the sim’s fault when most times it isn’t…
Glad to see you solved your problem.

  1. try another location, if it works its a corrupted rolling cache. 2 delete rolling cache.

My sim has started CTD all the time now. Its actually been pretty stable since launch but as of today its unusable until there’s a hotfix. I can’t get beyond the main menu. Community folder is totally empty so its not a bad mod.

@Mobias7 Go to Content Manager and start uninstalling the 3PD addons there too until it starts not crashing. Then you will find the culprit.

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Sadly I can’t even get that far. I get as far as the main menu then after just a few seconds I get a CTD. Just started happing today, weirdly.

That looks like an hardware issue, did you check your temps?

Temps are all ok. GPU sits at around 60 degrees at the main menu crash. I’ve been playing other things this afternoon with no issues so its definitely a sim fault by the looks of things.