Is there any TCA Quadrant Airbus edition tutorial for PMDG 737

As the tittle states, wondering if there is any tutorials out there for setting up the TCA quadrant Airbus edition throttles to work with the newly release PMDG 737.

Id like to know this also

So I figured it out. This will work on the TCA quadrant airbus edition on the pmdg 737. Happy flying!


Nice one thanks for sharing

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Moved to #self-service:pc-hardware as this topic is about throttle peripherals.

Les is doing some basic videos on setting up Spad with the PMDG. I just saw one hit YouTube this morning. If you’re a Spad user or curious what it can do, check him out.

Has anyone find the right sensitivity for the PMDG 73 and the TCA sidestick?

I also have issues with the sidestick sensitivity! Would be great if someone could share their working settings.