Is this Navmap enhancement working well?

this seem to be what Im looking for: something On top FS2020. Since I only have one screen, this might be it. Have you tried it? Not sure if its updated etc…,Community%20%22%20folder.%202%20-%20Use%20the%20mod

Do yiu use Parrallel 42 Flow tool? On there is a widget for LNM that works really well.

That plugin hasn’t worked for me since SU8. I think @bymaximus stopped updating it and now it’s hit an miss.
The Flow Pro widget works very well, you can find it at Flow Pro Widget: Little NavMap for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS. But you need the payware version of Flow.

I use this, works very well. It says VR but obviously you can also use it in 2d.

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Hello. There are two paid versions of flow I guess. Do I need the pro version or, is it just ok with standard (any limitations when it comes to plugins etc) ?

I believe you need the Pro version (it’s listed as a requirement on the widget page).
I now you need the Pro version to script them and share them (and that’s what I have), I’m not sure if Flow Essentials will be enough to run them.