Is This Solution for CTD and Degraded Performance?

So, I recently had a couple of flights with CTDs and a long flight with degraded performance.

Then, I try to use one of Addon Linker feature, multiple Community Folder. I moved most of my addon from my HDD-most of it are the “heavy” addon like PMDG, FBW, etc.-to my SSD.

The game runs noticeably smoother. I’ve had 5 flights with no CTD, all of them are 2-4hour flights.

I’m currently crusing above Canada from Luxembourg (ELLX) to Las Vegas (KLAS) with no FPS drop whatsoever. I did try long flight BEFORE I moved some of my community folder addon, from WIII-OEJN, and I got FPS drop and CTD.

So is this the answer to CTD and huge FPS drop?

I can see that this could be a one-off thing. But for you out there who still has problems with CTDs and FPS drop, if you have SSD, you might as well try this one.

I don’t know if this is already shared, I just thought I could help someone here.

*The reason I didn’t install MSFS to my SSD in the first place because it’s my boot drive and it’s only 256GB total with like 70-100GB left.

Not particularly. I’m sure there are many having CTDs and FPS drops with full game on SSD already. In my case, and in many others, the FPS drops are due to being CPU MainThread limited.

That’s nice you found something that works for you though, and I don’t mean to say that it won’t help someone else. Good luck!

I’m lucky to never having had FPS drops but in my experience community content has had 0.00% impact on performance or CTDs.


When I say FPS drops, I simply mean that the frame rate is not always 100% consistent (due to the MainThread getting hammered, for example). Other people may mean something different when they say FPS drops.