Is VR worth it with my set up?

I’m considering venturing down the VR rabbit hole, but concerned my computer wont be able to handle it. I’m thinking about getting either the Metaquest 3 or HP Reverb G2. My specs are below.

I’m planning on only using the stock Asobo aircraft especially the cessna 152 for PPL training purposes. What kind of FPS do you think I’m realistically going to get on medium settings? Currently get around 40-45 on medium to high settings using 1080p monitor. I do have use some small, regional add on airports.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
Device ID 0F6558BA-C0C4-432F-8AFF-DEDDAB34F5A7
Product ID 00325-96032-89125-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Buying G2 is not the best idea as MS is going to deprecate support for them (Windows Mixed Reality) from Windows 11 this fall (unless you are going to block Windows 11 major updates or stick with Windows 10). If you are on a budget Quest 3 will be probably better option, but you will need to consider upgrading your GPU, 1070 is probably too weak for VR. Your CPU is also old, but I managed to fly on it in VR, with some sacrifices in the MSFS settings.
If you decide to go into the rabbit hole you should expect PC upgrade waiting for you down there, as VR requires massive resolution compared to your current FullHD.
I have experience with G2 and Crystal only, so others will need to advice on the necessary upgrade for Quest 3.

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Ha ha, yes just as I expected :slight_smile: - also do you know if I can run MS2020 in VR mode through virtual desktop if I have the boxed version run through MS Store? I heard you get good FPS gains using VD compared to airlink etc

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I think that you will have to upgrade your computer if you want to go the VR route.
As for the C-152, you may want to try the JPL Cessna 152 mod:


Not at all, I’d rather know the uncomfortable truth now! do you happen to know if I can run FS2020 in VR mode through virtual desktop if I have MS store version?

AFAIK there is no difference between MS Store and Steam versions when it comes to VR. These are just different sales/distribution channels of the same product. I use Steam version.

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As a side option, could you maybe consider a head / eye tracker, like TrackIR or the tobii 5?
I really wanted to like VR in MSFS, and although my PC had no issues with any headset I tried, the downsides were too much for me. I have a Q2 and G2, and even though they are among the easier ones to set up, I was spending more time tinkering and tweaking than flying. I was also able to borrow a friend’s Aero for a few days and found the same. Basically whatever you do the visuals are still limited, especially compared to 4K monitors, but the main issue for me was not being able to see the controls.
This broke the immersive experience too much for my taste, but you can get a lot of the VR visual effect back with a head / eye tracker instead. I tried both and went with the tobii 5 in the end, since I don’t like to wear a hat. The added bonus is that your pc could run one of these without any upgrades.

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Ok thanks for the info!

I’ve tried track IR but weirdly I prefer simming without it. Might just be a case of getting used to it but I found the whole thing clunky and uncomfortable to use and distracted from the flying. I was blown away playing DCS in VR. The immersion was unreal

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I’ve got a CV1, which I guess has less pixels to drive than your choices of headset, and a RTX2060S, and my VR experience is on the borderline of enjoyment. For reference, I tend to fly small GA like the 152, and also gliders, away from cities.

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If you don’t want to invest in PC upgrade for VR, TrackIR may be an option for VFR flying. I used it extensively before switching to VR.

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I like tracking for VFR but for IFR I prefer to not have it on since I spend a lot of time looking at the instruments. Also, a larger screen where there’s room to pop out the instruments is helpful. I had the reliable Track IR for years and it worked well but it broke just when the Tobi went on sale. Grabbed it and think it is superior. Like others, I tinker enough now and don’t want another distraction.

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As stated, you’ll need an upgrade. Your CPU is pretty old even for an i7 and your graphics card, while venerable, will struggle and may not provide the best experience even with the absolute most tweaking.

You’re looking at a new computer even just to get a steady, non nauseating frame rate. Nothing crazy, you can get away with a 4060 or any 30xx and any 11th Gen Intel and above (or amd equivalent if you wanna save some money overall with negligible difference in performance at 1080p)

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My first time I just sat in the hawg looking at everything. I knew I could never play it in 2D again. Huey + DCS + VR = immediate CCR vibes…


I did start with a similar setup and a Quest Rift.

I took the 152 up in VR and felt actual fear, the claustrophobia of the small cockpit, the sense of speed, feeling of heights, being solo …

Then I’ve been on a maddening chase for VR perfection ever since. No headset is perfect and the fastest PCs you can buy aren’t fast enough. Perhaps next year’s CPUs and GPUs will get there you keep saying.

But 2D on a 4k monitor at 144 Hz sucks in comparison to and old PC struggling to do VR at 10 fps. Well that’s my opinion anyway :rofl:

I haven’t seen as many C152s in use at flight schools these days. But the C152 and C172 are so well done in the sim that you will feel at home in the real thing after simming with them in VR.

In truth, with limited funds, money is probably better spent on the real thing as real pilots will say.

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I run a Reverb G2 on a 1070ti, running on windows 10. My PC can’t run windows 11 so no problems for me there.

Specs are…

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (10.0, Build 19045)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor 8/16
RAM: 32 GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (8 GB)
Monitor: HEC HISENSE (3840x2160 / 52 Inch)

I am running WMR & Open XR & am getting between 30-39fps over built up areas with weather that is also with motion reprojection active.
I have sacrifices in MSFS graphics settings & am running @70% render scale in the sim, open xr toolkit (headset) & open xr tools (PC app).

It is doable on lower end systems but there are tradeoffs but it’s worth it just for the full immersion factor of being in the sim, not just looking at it!


Sorry, but no chance. If you can’t run 4k ultra in TAA 100 smoothly, then there is no point in even trying VR. In reality the minimum would be something like a 3090/4070Ti. But the truth is I could never get VR working satisfactory until I got a 4090. CPU and rest of PC must of course match.

I went through a 2080, 2080Ti and 3090 until I got to the 4090 and that’s the first card I can really say it works OK’ish.
People will tell you it works great for them, but they will conveniently forget to mention that they run DLSS or scale down the TAA render scale. Which causes the cockpit to become blurry.

If you ever get to it don’t even consider the G2. It’s nice, but only on paper. Everything except a very narrow spot in the center is blurry and illegible. Migth not matter so much in an action game or even racing sim, but it’s critical in an airplane where you want to read the cockpit instruments by just moving your eyeballs.

I sold my G2, added 200$ and got a Quest 3 128GB. Best decision ever. Image quality is comparable, it’s wireless and sharp from edge to edge (as much as your eyes would be IRL anyway).

Even on a top of the line PC with a 7950X3D and 4090 don’t expect the game to look as good in VR as it does on flat screen. You’ll still have to dial down the TLOD and OLOD and other settings. But at least it’s smooth and cockpit is sharp.

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it is worth!!!

you will loose the graphical goodies surely, But if you are into flying not into looking good, than that is the compromise.
The only problem I see in your configuration is low GPU memory on the 1070, because really the only thing you need is a bit of resolution to correctly read the instruments, spceially if using GNS/GTN/G1000, the amount of Vmemory limits you in that prospective.

also when ready use ALVR don’t use only steamVR with steam link or Oculus software + SteamVR

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I was running a Valve Index with a 7700k and 3080ti for a while. I don’t know how big a difference there is between the 1080 and 3080, but the 3080 was do-able, but you’ll have to turn a few things off or down, unless you can tolerate stuttering.

Use OpenXR Toolkit for two settings, unless you want to tweak further: Lock frames to half refresh rate & Turbo mode = On.

In the VR Graphics page within MSFS:

  • Turn TLOD way down. 50 or so.

  • You can turn your resolution down to something like 90%.

  • Not sure if your card can even enable DLSS (may be 30xx series and up), but if it can, it is smoother, if not blurrier.

  • Fly in clear skies, or have cloud quality turned down.

  • Turn off traffic.

Yes, this will make for lackluster graphics, (still better than any previous versions of MSFS or X-Plane though) but the immersion VR offers simply has to be experienced. I’ve been simming since the mid 90’s and have built numerous computers, panels and cockpits and would drop the hobby altogether if I couldn’t fly in VR.


don’t be that guy, dude. I play in 1080p and the sim looks phenomenal. Not everyone has the budget for a 4k ultra taa 100 smooth capable computer.

I certainly don’t and my VR experience with the G2 is nothing but positive. Dials and screens are clear, motion is smooth…

For that matter, the sim struggles to run 4k ultra in taa 100 smoothly for people in 2D.