Is weather working for every one!

Hey all. Hope someone can help me. It’s the live weather thing again. When I am in the menu screen I select a flight in Toronto. I select my Cessna 172 on runway 33 at dowsnview airport. Select live weather and in the little weather box it shows the correct picture of a grey day. When I press select flight and it loads up, I get clear skies. No live weather. When I open the weather option in the overhead menu it shows I’m in live weather and the metar for Toronto is correct but alas… I have clear skies and no wind. any idea what’s going wrong ???


I suggest a search for 6:00 to 7:15 daily weather outage.

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Me too… Looks like the servers are possibly down again. Hopefully they will be back soon :grin:

Yep. Again.

Seriously ? I’m not the only one ? But I’m getting the correct weather information in the metar. I had this problem yesterday too !
Any more feedback from anyone else out there in Flight Sim land ?

Everyday from 2300-0012 UTC live weather is down.
I don’t know why this is a thing, but it is.
They should make an announcement so that posts like these aren’t made everyday.

It’s back hahaha

There is one. Online Services Monitoring

It does not accurately show the daily live weather outage because it is updated manually.

Closed as the Topic Author’s complaint fell inside the Daily Live WX Outage Window.

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