Is Wish List item on an Asobo "To Do" list?


_ Is there a way for us MSFS users to see if a requested item/issue in this forum category is on an official Asobo list to get done, with an estimated time of delivery?

_ What should we do if the requested item/issue has been in the wish list for over 12 months, but does not show up on any Asobo “to do” list? Is there any kind of action we users can do to get requested improvements considered and scheduled?

Similar to the issues regarding the “bug list”, we don’t seem to get any feedback regarding the status of requests in this “Wish List” forum category. This leaves us wondering. Did it fall into a black hole? Did it get the attention of anybody at Asobo? Is it approved or disapproved? If it lingers for months, do we resubmit it again or what? What kind of recourse for tacking do we users have?

Related to this, is there a better way to view and search the “Wish List” data base than here? These seem to be just screen prints. They are not searchable.


You can check the status of wishlist items here: Feedback Snapshot - Microsoft Flight Simulator . You can also use Ctrl+F to find a wish you are looking for as well to check the status of it.

In addition, wishes with the feedback-logged or bug-logged tag means it is on Asobo’s radar for fixing :cowboy_hat_face:

Moved to General Discussion as this is not a Wishlist item.

Excellent. Thanks.

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I have had a little more time to look into the issue of getting feedback on wishlist items and have discovered the following.

  1. The Feedback Snapshop link you provided is for “bugs” not “wishlists” (interestingly there are only 12 items on that list).
  2. There are 335 “feedback-logged” items. Of those 46 (13.7%) are wishlist items.
  3. I have posted 15 wishlist items. Of those zero(0) are feedback-logged.

I appreciate the workload Asobo is experiencing, and appreciate all that Asobo does for us MSFS users. But personally I am disappointed/hopeless regarding the outlook for improvements I and others would like to see. As an example, the accuracy of snow seems to get a lot of Asobo’s CPU cycles. Whereas most of us users could care less about that. We’d much rather have hope for the ability to change cameras in multiple windows, or the ability to save controller setups with aircraft (or any of the 46 meaningful “feedback-logged” “wishlist” items).


P.S. There are 2,687 wishlist postings. This does not include the 388 postings in the “What We Want” thread. These are not bug fixes, they are requests for improvement. Here’s an idea – how about the 2024 version include the top 50% (vote count) of these requests!


Another way to look at it is that 1.7% (46) of the Wish List items (2687) have made it to Asobo’s “feedback logged” list (335). Not exactly good news for those hoping to get action by posting a request in the “Wish List” category.


There is a disconnect between what I have come up with here, and this resource:

I don’t know how to reconcile the different sources of information, but I really don’t need to be doing that (“not my job”). My initial intent was to try to discover the outlook for my wish list items to be addressed, as well as those from others, as well as the effectiveness of the Wish List forum category. In other words, what are the chances the 2687 request for improvement will be implemented, and how soon? The answer seems to be slim to none, and that posting things on with wish list is a futile effort. Why? I’m guessing the answer is the level of staffing at Asobo combined with business objectives at Asobo (do things that create income).

In many ways this issue of logging, tracking, and implementing wish list items (wishlist management) is much like the windmills @NixonRedgrave was jousting at regarding bug management. The user’s desire to know what, why, when, who, how in a simple comprehensive way, resulting in a minimization of duplication of effort, as well maintaining enthusiasm for the product (having hope).

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Not only that, but old (obsolete) wishes are constantly being automatically bumped up. All that does is push the most recent wishes down in the queue, until they’re buried and no longer seen by others.
The wishlist needs to be set to default “Sort By Date”.


What would be good is the ability to sort by your choice of date, subject, votes, submitter. But that infers that we could somehow manage the wish list (why else would we want to have different views). I don’t think we want to manage the wish list. Let Asobo do so by way of votes and the number of users it would impact and the effort involved (they have empirical data they call “telemetry” that we don’t see). All we really want to know is (1) has it already been requested; (2) has Asbobo accepted the request and it’s on their list of “action items”; and (3) when is implementation scheduled.

They don’t owe us anything regarding their plans. It would all be in the name of “public relations” (morale/hope/confidence) – “managing expectations”.

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I’m more interested in recent wishes made by users.
Not a wish that has been auto-bumped from 3 years ago.
I wouldn’t mind a ‘sort by header’. (date/votes/subject)

Hm I wish Asobo hands over that gorgeous Famous Flyer III Bonanza V-Tail V-35 to Black Square. Imagine this beauty with that awesome Black Square systems and engine simulation.