Is Xbox on DX12?

Sorry if this has been answered but my search is not yielding any answers. Was the Xbox version released on DX12 and if so is Ray Tracing already supported on the Xbox version? If Xbox version currently supports DX12 with ray tracing, I imagine the PC version will look similar to it after the DX12 update (whenever that may be) and we can get an idea of what to expect (maybe).

The Xbox version is DX12 yes the computer version is still DX11 with DX12 coming in a future update.

What do you mean by console (did you mean PC )? Is ray tracing already supported on the Xbox version?

Xbox is a console PC is a computer.

So to answer your question is Xbox on DX12 the answer is yes.

Yes, I know PC is a computer and Xbox is a console but you said Xbox supports DX12 but console is DX11 which is conflicting hence my question.

then i made an error on that which is corrected but i answered your question above.

Happy flying.

Yes but no.!

It runs Dx 12 in DX11 compatibility mode.

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Thanks. I think this means r- tracing isn’t implemented.

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Correct. They aren’t yet using any major DX12 features.

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You know that you don’t speak for everyone, right? I’m sure you aren’t interested in the tech, and that’s fine, but I am, and apparently many other people are as well. Why bother commenting on a technical post if you’re not interested?

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Well, excuse me, right?

I’m just here for the flying…

Well sure man, no offense intended. You like certain aspects of it, and that’s great. Different people like different things, that’s all.

As long as we’re all having fun. I certainly wouldn’t tell you what you should enjoy or not enjoy - I’m glad we’re all having fun in MSFS in so many different and interesting ways.

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Then by all means, go fly.

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