Isafjordur Spotlight Landing Challenge with live traffic - Loving It!

So It seems that either by design or mistake, live traffic was left on for this landing challenge and its awesome. You join the circuit with 15 other planes visible and follow each other in. You can spawn in one of the parking slots, get out of the plane and just stroll around in VR watching the landings. Please Asobo, consider doing this regularly in future. Its just a real joy to share the airspace with so many other flyers.

Confession… I may also have hovered just off the end of the runway in my h-135 playing chicken with the incoming traffic, and also flown a low pass on the runway at 550 knots in a T - 45. … Apologies if this might have affected your score.


And I was wondering already how the Cessna managed to hover in mid air at the end of the runway…

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Aha the mystery is solved… though I’d recommend the H-135 to anybody. Its great fun and its free!!
download it and you’ll be able to see hooligans like me in all our glory.

Hi thanks yes I saw the devs post on this. I guess my point was I’m loving it and want more.

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İt was great. Please don’t fix it


You’re exactly why many of us keep multi-player turned off.

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You’re welcome

Same “issue” in the Iceland Bush Flight… :slight_smile:

Isafjordur is full of traffic. Also first time I’ve had live traffic from others doing the bush flight.

Personally think it’s hilarious…please don’t fix it, Asobo. I came in just over the top of the mountain into BIIS doing the Iceland bush trip and all of the sudden there was 15 caravans in the pattern. I LOL’d.


Very funny indeed! Take a look at this video. You will see a dancing A320.

LOL i just turned MP back on to check this out. wow, I can’t stop laughing! really enjoyable.

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In bush trips muliplayer is on by default.

Turn on multiplayer > apply and save

Turn off game and try

my solution

Open folder
Official > One Store > asobo-liveevent > Missions > Asobo > LiveEvent

In notepad open file named

Scroll down to


Change 1 to 0
and save changes






I tried the Islandur (?) challenge yesterday, but the airspace was filled with other online pilots. Quite disturbing, and I havent seen other pilots in any challenge before. Is this new? or is it my settings that are different now?
I like to see my fellow pilots when flying “normally”, but not during consentrated challenges.

I think it snuck in unexpectedly, but they’ve said they won’t be changing it at this point.

Just turn off multiplayer in your data settings and you shouldn’t see them anymore.


Just wait til the 27th when it’s released on Xbox. If you think the skies are crowded now… :crazy_face:


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The only sensible answer. It’s your challenge… if you want points, concentrate on the landing, switch off the other planes.

On the other hand, I suppose it’s not a priority to change current behaviour. Why would they do that ? There will always be players who like to sit in their Cessna watching how other players do the challenge.


Interestingly, I was finishing up my Iceland Bushtrip tour at BIIS airport and when i got to within 10nm I noticed 10-20 planes spawning on what must have been their respective landing challenges. It was cool to watch until it was my turn to land. It became quite a flock of aircraft. I don’t remember seeing that at any other airport that coincides with a landing challenge. BIIS must be a pretty popular challenge!

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