Islander Plane parked at every airport!

Can anyone advise how I get that removed from every airport? I seem to have that plane everywhere. I had seven in Stuttgart yesterday, seven!

Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, this is a really annoying thing addon creators do.

You can activate or deactivate planes appearing as ai traffic by editing the cfg file.

for example:

  1. open the aircraft.cfg at Community\blackboxsimulation-bn2-islander\SimObjects\Airplanes\blackbox-aircraft-BN-Islander
  2. look for this section: [FLTSIM.0]
  3. change isAirTraffic=1 to isAirTraffic=0
  4. repeat this for every section [FLTSIM.0-?]

Ah of course! Why didnt i think of that?? Thank you!

this happens to me with many addons planes. the simulator seems to have no logic involved when i comes to plane placement. i’ll have islanders at gates and jets in grass spots. it definitely needs a lot of work

Yes, Some plane even parked on the helipad. Why….:crazy_face::rofl:

I’ve had Eurofighters at small grass strips. Not only is it completely ridiculous but also a painful reminder I bought the Eurofighter in the first place :rofl:

The Islander does pop up a lot, there’s only a handful still flying so it’s not realistic. Thanks for putting the hint up about the aircraft cfg file, will edit for a few aircraft I think.

Same :see_no_evil:

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