Issue after update

I am now unable to choose my departure airport since this update, tried entering manually and the drop down menu is not working so basically i am now stuffed, cheers MS.

Thats a strange one. If you’re on Steam try verifying files* and ensure Community folder is empty.

You can also enable the dev console which allows you to teleport to any airport. Just type in the ICAO code.

*Another user commented there might be a risk with using the Stream integrity check. So disregard that! Do not verify the files.

Cheers for the input, it would appear the issue has resolved itself!!!

Never advise that! :sunglasses:
It will force a complete re-download of the sim; at least it used to.


Worst a hand ever, every update it’s step back and now MS is releasing the GOTY on November 18 th. Please stop releasing something new until you been able to operate the game at all.


Oh! I heard its not an issue any more.

However to play safe I edited my original comment, thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

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