Issue message telling You bumped against an abject and damaged aircraft with end of flight

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No, and i use Captain Sim’s Boeing 777-200 LR World liner, please avoid, if you can, to make me remove it, is my favourite aircraft.

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You bumped into an object and damaged aircraft error message warning with consequently ending of flight.

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Took off from La Paz heading to Huston. At about Nicaragua i foun this ending fight with issue message mentioned above in title. Now how coud i bimp an aircraft there in Nicaragua if i am at 35000 ft of altitude and that territory doesn’t have mountais so high, the aircraft is 8555 nautical miles range and usually at about 1500-2000 nautical miles has still 85% about fuel remaining? Besides i turned off air traffic inset clean skies and no wind, i turned anti ice protection on…

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Did the tail of the aircraft hit the ground when you landed?

No, considering that i was in mid air at 35000 ft above sea level on Nicaragua and my destination landing was supposed to be at Huston George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

I suspect this will get removed from here, and moved to community support as your issue may be to do with a third party plane. But the only way to prove that would be to remove it, and replicate with first party content only.

Assuming for a moment you didn’t collide with the sky it sounds like you may have overstressed the aircraft. In GA planes you can crash your plane by simply opening the storm window.

It’s also possible you encountered a lot of turbulence, and this triggered an end of flight condition.

In any case, don’t expect any help from Asobo unless you can prove this happens with first party content as well, and above all is repeatable. I suspect this last bit will be your issue.

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I think I remember experiencing something similar, when i lowered the chasing camera close to the ground, a small hill came towards me.

I presume this to be an addon issue. I know you said you didn’t want to do this, but can you remove the CS 777 temporarily and try and reproduce the issue?

Great news: i flew again the same route with the same 777-200LR of Captain Sim, well that issue didn’t occur again. Departed from La Paz and landed at Huston. Had to "pmay with HDG knottle, because i fallen asleep at the airport and so i turned the plane back 100 nautical miles and descended by skies following ATC assigned altitude and runway and arrived safely at George Bush Intercontinental Airport’s gate.
The flutght went completely smoothl.
After that travel, exited from game and reentered with boeing 747-8 to explore the new features of this last in its cockpit, my God, so many changes from what was its cockpit before the new AAUU2! I would be so grateful if someone knows antutorial, if there is, on hiw to masterize these new elements and become a B747-8I pilot.
Good day to you all!

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I only want to know why the damaged aircraft was so abject in the first place? :smirk: :wink:

Sorry i don’t understand what are you meaning

For what i can tell this plane didn’t trigger any problem before two nights ago and already yesterday, when returned home from work, i just restarted the game and retraveled the same route with the sam plane model used before and already worrked finely again yesterday night.

Sorry it was just my little joke - I’m pretty sure you meant to say you bumped into an Object not Abject which has a completely different meaning (I’m guessing you’re using voice recognition).

But just ignore me, it wasn’t that funny anyway and I should have let it slide

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Word play is fun. :slight_smile:

My favourite sketch

The Two Ronnies Four Candles - YouTube

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Ah, ah,:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy: okay, okay easy, easy, i understand and i an just kidding and laughing, well, friend, my respect for you and all your forum mates, ah, ah, always have a nice flight and the most blue skies!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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