Issue selecting screen resolution

I am new to MSFS and this Forum. If I am posting this in the wrong place, let me know.

When I first installed MSFS and looked at the general options graphics menu I saw my screen resolution was 3840X2160. Now when I look at the same menu my resolution is 1920X1080 and when I open the full screen resolution menu I am not given any options to change the resolution. I have look ed at this in both full screen and windowed mode. I have used the option to reset all graphics settings to default with no change. I have closed and restarted the program and rebooted my computer. Windows settings show my display is set to 3840X2160.

I am running on a PC, i7-9700, 64GB RAM, with Win 10, up-to-date. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. All drivers are up-to-date.

Any ideas as to what is going on and how I can restore the higher resolution?

check the vertical resolution of both monitors; should be the same

Thanks for the response.
I only have one monitor.

Go to FS2020 Options then General
Under Full Screen Resolution, Click it
Select the resolution you want.

Sorry. Reread your post.
You said it does not give you a drop down to change resolution.

I hope someone can help you.

What is the brand-model-type?
BTW you are not set in full screen VR mode?

Thanks for your response. It is a Dell XPS 8930. Specs are in the original post. It is not in VR mode.

I reset and reinstalled the program and that has seemed to resolve the issue - at least for now.

I’m interested in the fix.

“reset and reinstalled” what?

Win 10

In Win 10 settings, in the apps section you can uninstall, repair, modify etc. apps. For Microsoft Flight Simulator under advanced options, among other items, there are options to repair or reset the app. I did not try repair, I selected reset. At the time I did not know that it would reinstall the program but it did. Perhaps repair would have resolved the issue also, but i don’t know since I did not select that option.


It is strange. I always get confused with the two.

Reset say it will REPAIR the App but leaves your data intact.
Repair says Reset the App and will delete your data.


You selected correctly, Reset.

I’m guessing that both do the same to the App, Reinstall it.
That is what I have done with Win 10.

I’m having the same problem. Running on i7 16g rtx2070. Currently reinstalling flight sim. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try to find the reset on the settings. If you have a new solution to this, i hope you can share it to me. Thanks!

I don’t know if you’re still having this problem, but I had this problem a few weeks ago, too.
For me, I was connected to a KVM switch. Power cycling the KVM switch caused the problem to resolve itself.

Hi, I just encountered the same problem: my monitor has a native resolution of 2560x1440 and this was the setting in the MSFS in-game options menu, too. But suddenly, the menu offered me 1920x1080 as highest resolution only…(while other games still run on the native resolution). The solution was, that some days ago a coupled a beamer to the PC and selected within Win10 (via Win+P) “duplicate screen”. The beamer had that lower resolution. And although the beamer isn’t any longer coupled, in Windows [Win+P] there was still the setting “duplicate…” activate. And obviously MSFS favorized that “second” screen… As soon as I switched in Windows back to “only PC screen” I had again my native resolution in MSFS. Hope that helps :slight_smile: