Issue with terrain mesh in central america and some south american countries?

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Lower than average image quality in terrain mesh.

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Flew in central America multiple times.

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3070ti, i7-10700f, 32gig ram, HDD

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current build

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Having an issue with terrain mesh in South America/Central America. Not sure if anyone else may have had this issue before. It all sort of looks blurry within the mesh. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this recently.

There are mesh problems all over the world.

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This is true, I just feel like the quality got reduced recently.

Do you mean the mesh, or the textures? The mesh might be difficult to discern as you are looking nearly straight down. I’m guessing you mean the quality of the ground textures, and not the mesh itself. For that you would need to be lower to the ground, looking towards the horizon to see if a hill is a hill, if you see what I mean.

I think I was talking about the mesh, but from what I hear, central america mesh isn’t all that good in quality.