Issues and requests to FIX on next update. Please

Flew on the Cessna 172 G1000 between 2 airports and came across the next issues. Is it possible for the team to review and take notes so it can be fixed ?

My little list :

Radar shows red and orange but there is no rain, it seems like the radar presents clouds rather then precipitation as it should.

DA62 Flight model unrealistic, %60 power to move and Takeoff acceleration unrealistic under maximum takeoff weight.

Beech Baron flight model unrealistic, 120 knots pitch 7 degrees up and still unable to maintain altitude.

Exterior airplane view not centered, the plane is at the right bottom corner, nice centered rotation around the plane would be nice.

VFR Map view can be expanded more. Not enough zoom out. Can add some more functions like see detailed airport weather and information in the window while clicking on the airport.

No function to call ground services and fuel truck in uncontrolled airports.

Taxi assistance (Blue guide arrows) are too big, a smaller more transparent ones can increase experience, also they hover in the air and overlay the plane rather than being flat to the ground.

G1000 PFD FPL text unreadable too small.

G1000 “Minimums” selection is unavailable under approach selection.

G1000 RNAV approaches doesn’t work, nothing is drown and no altitudes loaded into tge FPL page.

G1000 PFD option to turn Synthetic vision off (under PFD soft key).

Many other G1000 avionics functions missing, or not working.

Thank you