Issues in Flight School training

Good day,

I was streaming flight training on my Polish stream, and found some issues.

  1. In the very first task on loading screen, there’s a mistake in naming the correct flight controlls. Number 4 and 5 are mixed :
  2. On this screenshot apart of airplane flying with some power and zero airspeed (please fix) , dashed lines are mixed again. “zniżanie” in Polish means descending, “wznoszenie” means climbing:
  3. Title of this lesson in Polish means “landing with inoperative engine”:
  4. When loading airplane in flight for handling training the altitude indicator change about 1000 ft before becoming stable, giving false indicator for someone using sim for the first time that it can happen in straight and level flight.
  5. On traffic pattern exercise required climbout speed is 75 and approach speed 65. Both of them are maximum allowable speeds according to POH, and in my opinion not the best option. 75 knots on climb out takes the airplane on very shallow climb, 65 knots on final gives a lot of extra energy over the runway which is difficult to handle with low experience.

Thank you, and have a good one!
Mateusz / HiddenA320