Issues with clouds

I have clouds set to high also tried ultra but the issue persists. I have tried increasing a range of options from texture resolution to super sampling and I cannot get the clouds to look decent.

I have seen plenty of videos without this issue so just wondering if I’m maybe missing a setting or overlooking something.

The clouds are really pixelated around the edges… Here is a screenshot so you can better understand.

Anyone got any idea what’s going on and how to fix this?

From what I’ve seen of the clouds and their artifacts it looks like they may be using noise rendering. If that’s the case then there’s nothing to fix as is a side effect of how they’re produced. It’s a trade-off for the developers to make them look reasonable without melting your GPU. Your pictures don’t make the clouds look any worse than on my system and I think they’ve done a good job in both looks and performance.

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I have seen quite a few videos where the clouds look really great though. I suppose they could be playing in 4k resolution which would help. Although I watched my friend stream this last night and his looked great and I’m sure he was in 1080p

I’ve also noticed thinner layers of cloud don’t have this issue it’s just these large puffy types.

I got plenty of issues with clouds.


i’m playing at 4k high and i have the same problem sadly

I think this is related to the weather -> cloud layer -> coverage / scatter settings.

In “Live” weather these settings are auto-generated but to study the issue you have to go into ‘manual’ weather, say 5pm, select ‘scattered’, adjust a single layer to, say, 5000 feet to 10000 feet, move any other layers up out of the way (I haven’t worked out how to delete a cloud layer - the trash can is always grayed out for me), and then move the ‘coverage’ and ‘scatter’ sliders between 0…100 and I think you can reproduce the issue. It’s easier if you ‘fly’ the show camera above the clouds and look down as you move the sliders.

TBH I was trying to work out how the various cloud settings actually work, but you do see at some settings the unnatural pixel (voxel?) clumpiness. I think that is more true for a ‘tall’ cloud layer (say 5 to 10 thousand feet). Thin cloud layers keep a more pleasant wispyness but that doesn’t help if you want tall clouds.

I’m not sure (yet) whether starting with different cloud settings (scattered, broken…) then makes a difference when you adjust the heights, coverage, scatter. Maybe it does, or maybe the height, coverage, scatter are the raw settings and the canned options only preset those.

Not sure how clouds are supposes to look like this… I’ve tried every possible setting to correct these highly pixelated clouds and am giving up…

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same… and i dont get answers like “it’s normal , this is how it is rendered” because few day ago i didnt have it and from vids/screenshots i see other people doesnt have it as welll. Looks like servers are not keeping up .

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Mine have started to look like this also, this was after I updated windows to 2004 but I think that was just coincidental. Tried different settings but no luck, they definately looked better two days ago haha.

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I’ve had some issues where I adjusted settings for graphics then the graphics for no reason went completely to garbage and no settings change worked.
My fix was to set the graphics to default (on the bottom bar) Then readjust to what I wanted.

I don’t know if anyone has run into this issue, but I can’t make a solid cloud layer so that I’ll break out of the clouds at minimums for instrument approaches. Even if I add an overcast layer at 300ft, for example, the clouds are transparent enough that I can see the runway from far out and while I am still above 300ft. Is there any way to reduce visibility and / or have a solid cloud layer such that you can simulate an actual instrument approach?

I have the same strange effect on some clouds, and certain light conditions make it look worse. In general the clouds look good, but I have to say it’s no ActiveSky level yet.

Ive had the same issue. Tried every setting in game, nvidia panel, updating windows, etc. still there:(

especially the fuzzy edges and the grainy clouds look. Worst is in a storm, when the lightning hits the cloud lights up and you see all these little dots and instead of a uniformly lit up cloud…

I think quite a lot of people have this issue.

It might be hardware dependent.

Just got to wait and hope MS/Asobo update it in a patch

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Does anyone get small dark dots in the clouds? I have my settings set to highest.

Yes I had challenges with exactly this issue - it seems you can’t make the clouds less translucent than the default, and the default is unrealistically easy to see through. At first I had the issue climbing into a cloud layer and you have to be ~1500-2500 (?) feet above cloudbase for the ground to become invisible. For example it seems impossible to create cumulus clouds with a base of 4000 feet and tops of 6500 feet (a typical perfect UK day) that ever obscure the ground when you’re in them. This will turn out to be important for gliding but I guess that’s a niche issue.

For a noob power pilot (me), setting up a simple practice IFR/ILS approach and landing was great fun. What I did was this:

Weather: - first turn ‘Live’ weather off, several times if necessary (!), then:

  1. Delete the ground wind layer
  2. ‘delete’ the top two cloud layers by moving them upwards, drag the top altitude of each so it sits on the bottom altitude, and set the coverage to zero (or if you know a way of actually deleting the layers please let me know)
  3. Move the bottom of the bottom cloud layer to ‘ground’
  4. Move the top of the bottom cloud layer to 5000 feet
  5. Set the bottom cloud layer coverage to 100, and scatter to 0.

This should be enough that you have an unbroken later of cloud, and on the runway the trees at the far end will be visible but ‘misty’.

What I did for a very short flight to practice an ILS landing was:

  • Cessna 152
  • Departure: EGSX - North Weald UK runway 30
  • Destination: EGSS - Stansted UK runway 04
  • Nav radio should default to Stansted localizer 110.50, if not then set that.
  • Take off and fly 330 degrees until intercepting Stansted localizer ~2300 feet
  • Turn right onto 040 and follow needles down to the runway.

As a complete IFR noob I did this in clear air first, then had another go with my cloud settings as above. The clouds aren’t perfect (i.e. still not dense enough looking down) but good enough to give a noob (me) a sense of achievement when the runway appears out of the mist.

This is partly caused by the “film grain” effect that they have implemented for some reason. You can also see if his effect on certain aircraft gauges and panels. It’s possible to turn it off in some user config file but it would be nice to have the option in the UI

I’d say your image isn’t untypical… you have Live weather running? The sim is juggling the top-to-bottom height of the clouds, the coverage 0…100 and a slightly strange parameter called ‘scatter’ which I think controls whether the clouds are evenly spread across the sky (scatter=0) or grouped together with gaps in between (scatter=100).

I think at certain combinations of settings various artifacts appear in the clouds - the internet coverage of this isn’t great because people aren’t reproducing the same sets of settings, so someone else’s comment “my clouds are fine” doesn’t really help. At a guess, your clouds look like they’re really tall (i.e. the cloud layer might be 10000 feet+ thick) which IMHO makes it more likely these kind of issues occur. Or it could depend on the angle of the sun as well, who knows?

edit… although I have moved the camera up into the clouds and played around with the settings to see just what appears to change, I’ll defer to hodgeheg’s answer above on this one (we overlapped)… - his/her/its answer sounds more plausible in your actual case. It would be nice to know the actual setting tho.

Yes, Live weather is on.