Issues With Trees Rendering at Close Distance

I have no issues with draw distance - trees appear normal when they are further away. However, when I get close they disappear or seem unable to render properly. I have tried clearing and disabling the rolling cache as this was suggested but this has not worked. Any help/ideas on how to fix this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Does this happen in other locations besides the one in your screen shot? What airport are you at in the screen shot?

This was everywhere - however I did some digging and found my graphics driver was very out of date. Updated it and the trees look much more normal now!

Maybe sensible to put some illustration to the issue… for tree distance lots was solved with SU5 hotfix 2, but trees quality at close distance still lacks, that is tree shrinkage on approach (old complaint, maybe difficult to solve), pixelation of tree top in front of blue sky (can imho be solved ! just don’t do it !) and solidifying of leafs… (which may be difficult to solve ! You’d need to render a random tree !)

Ultra, ca 250Ft up, looks better since Nordic

Ultra, ca 50Ft up, issues become clearly visible

Down below, in different graphics modes:




Low (preferable from short distance imho !)