Issues within the CJ4 (working title) since last MSFS 2020 update?

I wonder if the last MSFS 2020 update causes these issues:
The flightplan integration from Simbrief into the FMS of the CJ4 doesn’t work anymore. Waypoints are obviously no longer inside the Data Base.
Moreover you cannot longer move the view inside the cockpit with the arrows of the keyboard. (I don’t mean CTRL + ARROW - that works - however, no longer just the arrows)
Can anybody confirm this?
Cheers, Vic

Have you downloaded their new version?

I believe with the keyboard issue you have to reload your old keyboard profile.

you will need to assign the arrow keys in the cockpit setup again. It seems that going back to the default profile and than reload your profile helps too.

Thanks for your replies. Indeed, the arrows weren’t no longer assigned. That is solved now.
Still having the issue with the flightplan. Anyone the same? By the way, I have the 0.7.1 working title installed.

you should refer to my post then

And you are right. I (finally) found version 0.7.2. (Is it just me, who finds the finding of the new releases pretty confusing?). Don’t know why this happened to the old version, however, it seems to be fixed with the new release. Thank you.

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