Italian Alps Tour

Hello everyone, thanks to Bush Trip Generator I have created a tour of the Italian Alps.

The Tour is a naturalistic tour of the italian alps, through beautiful landscapes, discovering the most famous peak and valleys of “Bel paese”

The tour is based on 17 legs from Albenga, overlooking the ligurian sea to Trieste.

In the navigation logbook, you will find not only flight informations but also a lot of geographical, storical and cultural information of the overflying places: passes, glaciers, ski areas, some real happened events and also some trivias.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, good flights :slight_smile:


This looks very interesting - must give it a go soon. Cheers.

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Would you mind posting this on World Tour Flights? It looks like some great scenery, and you can also link to the mod/scenery pack you have here. I think this would be a great contribution.

Thanks for the idea, post it in the next few days.


This is awesome! Thank you again for making this. I have a quick question if you don’t mind.

I’ve edited the .FLT file to fly this in the Flying Iron Spitfire. It seems to be working, but after landing in LIMZ after the first leg, no matter where I seem to park and shutdown the aircraft, I can’t get it to recognize that I have completed the mission.

If I return to main menu and then come back into the bush trip, there are no waypoints in the NAVLOG, which to me suggests it recognizes that I have completed them, but it is not recognizing that I am in teh destination zone or that I have shut down the aircraft.

I’ve tried shutting down on the runway, near ramp 8, then back near teh edge of the runway, then at the end of the runway. No luck.

Any ideas?

I’m cutting mixture, turning off magnetos, fuel to off, and then mastery battery off.

When i click to switch the gunsight to a GPS unit, the GPS unit is on, and I can’t figure out how to turn it off. Could this be the problem? The README for the bush trip says avionics must be off to recognize the stop. Could that be the problem?

Any help appreciated!

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Whelp, never mind! Got it to work - i tried switching the spit over to the GPS430 unit, then i grabbed the COM/Volume/power knob and turned it down to 0 and back up a couple times, parked just off the runway with all else off… and voila! leg completed. thanks again!

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Hmm. landing and takeoff at LFLJ are going to be interesting…

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