Ithaca New York airport- KITH Vor not working

When flying into Ithaca New York I tune the Nav 1 radio to 111.8. Unfortunately the Omni Bearing Indicator does not come alive. Can someone look at this and find a fix please?

ITH (111.8) is a DME only navaid at this point. From the airport info web page,

It doesn’t seem to perform the DME function at this point, or at least I didn’t get any readings from a quick flight there.


Its strange. For years when I was using Flight Simulator 9 and 10 Ithaca always had a Vor that worked and an Ils system. The VOR was 111.8 and the ILS for runway 32 was 108.7. I dont get why that would change. Thanks for responding.

One thing I forgot to mention. The ILS for runway 32…frequency 108.7 does work.

The FAA decommissioned the real ITH VOR several months ago - only the DME remains. Likewise ELZ (Wellsville) which is also a DME-only now. ULW (Elmira VOR) will be the next to go.

Ok…I was not aware that the Ithaca VOR had been decommissioned just recently. Thank you so much for clearing this up for me.

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By 2025 the FAA will have decommissioned about 1/3 of all VORs. Many will be replaced by standalone DMEs. If you are familiar with central and western New York /Pennsylvania airspace, in addition to ITH and ELZ, DKK, BFD and GGT are already gone, and ULW, SFK and HNK will be leaving soon.