It's awful to use

this sim is great, it looks great(better than xp11), but the way the plane is controlled is just terrible(it’s fine in control general aviation, but it’s horrible in the control of jetliner, specially when landing and taking off), could you guys add a way to control(like FSX and X-plane11,maybe add a X-plane keyboard profile), and MSFS 2020’s aerodynamics is not so well, could you guys improve it?

You can do that all yourself.

It just takes a bit of getting used to at the start, but I have pretty much changed all the controls so its now the same as my XP11 controls.

I enjoy it so far, but I recognize that the setup is not very user friendly.
For example I used the joystick hat switch to look around in the cockpit and also move around the plane in external view. That is something I haven’t been able to do in FS2020 yet.
Also, had a few times when coming for landing on short final and my vies changes all of the sudden to the side or back of the cabin and sometimes my landing gear come up on its own. It is very annoying .
I haven’t seen anybody reporting it yet.